An E-Mail Note Plus Mini Update

If you’ve sent me an e-mail in the last day or so, you’ll probably have to wait until I get back home to read it; while I’m traveling I access my mail account via a web form which doesn’t filter spam, and in the last day or so I’m apparently getting socked with an outrageously large number of spam mails which makes it difficult to actually locate the real mail. So, patience: You’ll hear from me Sunday night or Monday morning.

ConFusion is lovely so far. I had dinner last night with PZ Myers, who was excited to eat squid and octopus, and then hung out with pals and had a good time. I did not get to the dance floor last night, alas, but there’s another dance tonight — ConFusion is riddled with gyration! — and I’ll be there for that. Oh, yes.

I’m off to a business breakfast and then to panels and general naughtyness. See you all later.

16 Comments on “An E-Mail Note Plus Mini Update”

  1. Raving dancing scifi authors releasing all those hours of sitting behind a desk (4 hours daily)fall away. A scary thought. Perhaps there is a book within this itself…

  2. John, you might want to try forwarding all your email to a gmail account and letting google filter your spam for you. Then you can look at it all at and you can also set it up so that mail you send from the gmail interface will look like its coming from your domain.

  3. Cassie, I’ve been spying on John from a distance, so far I haven’t seen any kisses. While I’m secure in my own manhood, I still think that’s getting to close to the line (for me, YMMV). Maybe after a few beers tonight I can stake out the hallway to the elevators. :)

  4. Okay, Cassie, because I am but your monkey by remote, as John demonstrated in the infamous “My toe hurts” instance, I have accosted the might Scalzi in his Cambellian Glory (really, his head is back lit wherever he goes, there’s a shine, and the choir that sings angelic “ahs” and “ohs”, well, I can’t imagine it would be easy getting seating at restaurants with them hanging around). Having deigned to grant a small audience to this question John had replied in my negligent observation that he had been accosted by a great horde of furry-eared dellibopped denizens in the hallway last night. They refused to budge or make-way until John has submitted to the kisses of all their members, their own party being at the opposite end of the hall than John’s destination. He turned to make a quick departure, only to notice that another group of equally clad fans had cut his exit routes and blocked the elevators (which are slow). John then had to submit to what he describes as “like being liked clean by a hundred human sized cats,” to continue to his destination. After saying this, John then shuddered and turned back to his tasks as next year’s toastmaster leaving me with the impression that he would have screaming nightmares about that moment.

  5. Would someone at ConFusion please do Steve Buchheit a favor and find out what flavor John Scalzi is.

    $20 says he tastes like Chicken Kiev. Mmm… Buttery…

  6. So, earlier this afternoon I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. In order to do this, I had removed all of our glassware and put it on the kitchen table.

    While doing this, my cats decided to take a ten minute break from their hibernation to perform their imitation of a roller coaster…which, of course, traverses the kitchen table.

    The end result was that I have less glassware than I did this morning.

    Is it too late to change my vote to cheese?

  7. My brain glitched a little upon reading that PZMyers was executed for eating squid and octopus….

    And while I think we should totally acknowledge our squiddy overlords, this seems a rather ominous begining to me.


    Nathan, it is never too late to change your vote to cheese.


    Dan: If he wants to find out what flavour Scalzi is, Steve should go for the hands. I once read that cannibals think the hands are the tastiest part of the human body. (Although, after reading that, I wondered why, in the Bible, the dogs ate all of Jezebel but the palms of her hands if the hands were so damn tasty.) Besides, if he eats only one hand, Scalzi can still type slowly with the other and we shall have not permanently stopped the flow of books.

  8. Dearest Minion Steve,

    If you were truly my minion, you would have kissed John too.

    As it is, I’m satisfied that the tradition remains firmly in place.

  9. Well, let’s be serious now, Pix. Can you really only eat just one hand? I mean, they’re like potato chips, and once you chomp, you just can’t stop.

  10. While John did profer his ring, and it’s a beaut, last night I’m not Catholic, so no kissing of the hand occured, although jenuflecting from a safe distance (outside the range of the mighty septer) did happen. I’m sure this as set me up to endure the Mighty Scalzi Rath and I shall suffer in Scalzi purgetory.

    Dead tired. Must open eyes for one more panel, and then a four hours drive to another meeting! Yippie!

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