LA Times Festival of Books; Ingram Lists

latfob.jpgFor those of you in Los Angeles, gird your loins: I’ve been invited to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books as a participant, so I’ll be among you the last week of April. More details as I know more, but obviously I’m very happy about this. Yay! Los Angeles! Yay! Double-Doubles!

One other nice bit of news for me today: Ingram is the top wholesale book distributor on the entire planet, and it keeps its own list of bestselling hardcovers, trade paperbacks and mass market paperbacks. I have been informed that this week Old Man’s War is their #4 bestselling mass market paperback. That’s #4 on the general list (i.e., all mass market paperbacks), not on a SF/F-specific list. Needless to say, this makes me feel shiny. My little book, making its way in the world. They grow up so fast, they do.

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  1. I think my soup-stained TPB copy just muttered “pushy little blighter.”

    However, Tania says “WOOT!! Go Scalzi!”

  2. Awesome news about your novel John! I have yet to read anything by you, but your name is on my radar and Old Man’s War is on my reading list, thanks to Wil Wheaton.

    I blogged about some of your writing advice today, and was waiting for an appropriate entry to respond and tell you how much I enjoy your blog from my reading today. Wil’s right, your advice on how to write better without work and advice for teenage writers are gold.

    I’ve added you to my aggregator, so I’ll be reading regularly.


  3. Woo! Well early welcome to Los Angeles. I’m relatively familiar with the UCLA area and there is an In-N-Out within walking distance of the campus. It’s over on Gayley Avenue just past Le Conte Avenue. Also that’s the start of Westwood Village which has tons of nice places to eat and plenty of movie theaters. While I haven’t been a SF reader in a long while I’m happy to hear about your success and hope things continue going up for you!

  4. I like to think that my small contribution to the OMW mass market sales pushed you into the coveted #4 position. Now I just have to read it before I find myself empaneled with you at Boskone next month. Are we girding loins for that as well?

  5. Woo! Yay for shiny!

    Also, question. Double-double? The only thing I can think of is a Tim Horton’s coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugars.

  6. Maybe you’ll get to appear on C-Span’s BookTV…

    (I know, they mostly do non-fiction, but, hey, you’re a non-fiction guy as well as a fiction guy. And the #4 best-selling author in the country…)

  7. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m the #4 bestselling author in the country. I’m the #4 bestselling mass market author at one book wholesaler. Which is, you know, still cool. But I think over all there’s probably some other author who is number four overall.

  8. No, it’s you. #4 overall (on a certain list, blah blah detail detail blah blah blah) which is good enough for me.

    Go Number Four!!!!!!!!

  9. Just think, all those people reading your books. Now that must make you feel seriously good. Congratulations.

  10. On the Wholesale side of things, The Last Colony is the lead-off item in Tor’s catalog for Spring. Thought you’d want to know if you didn’t already.

  11. Amanda, IN-N OUT is a hamburger chain out west, double-double = two meat + two cheese. They ahve a whole ordering language. You can even get a 4 x 4 animal style! The best burger in the world by the way.

  12. In-N-Out: There may be stand-alone burger joints that are better, but if you’re talking about a burger chain: None better. None. End of story.

    Out here in the Midwest, however, I think Culver’s is pretty damn good for a chain.

  13. I was at a Barnes and Noble this weekend and I noticed that OMW was in the upfront paperback book display. Front side facing the door. And TAD made the Hardcover display table near the door too.

    Are you still going to be our friend when that smooth novel money starts flooding in?

  14. JD:

    Well, that depends on whether you’ll still peel my grapes for me.

    Adam: I have no idea what my LA schedule will be like at this time. I’ll need to talk to Tor and (presumably) the folks at the LATFoB to find out what I’m doing there before I make any additional plans.

  15. Hmm… the one time I ate at an In-N-Out, I ended up with massive food poisoning. It meant that I was on my back for all of the last day of a 3-day visit (for a wedding; luckily this was after the wedding had already happened), plus got to throw up on a plane for the first time in my life ever, and meet a nice grandmotherly woman who held my head and thought I was merely motion sick.

    But I’m sure that was a fluke. :)

  16. Congratulations, John! As I type, Old Man’s War is on the hold shelf at the library, waiting for me to pick it up.

  17. Well, that pretty much tips the scales towards my attendance at the Book Festival. I went one year and had a great time. However, the equation usually goes:

    “Losing lots of money on great books” vs. “Lots of great books to spend money on.”

    Now it’s the same equation with “+ John Scalzi” on the right side. Heck, who needs groceries?

  18. Just completed Old Mans War. Great read!! Going to Amazon to order Ghost Brigades. Keep on keepin on.

  19. Oh cool. I’ll make a point of going to whatever you’re doing (I assume a panel of some sort?). I luv luv luv the LAT Festival of Books and wear myself out there every year. It’s a book orgy!

  20. Right on, Scalzi! That’s not only an egoboost, it means more money in the kitty for cheese. Now, set your sights on #3, and there’ll be no stopping you.

    On another note:
    Oh great pangolin father, surely you don’t refer to that incident in ’95, that which shall never be mentioned? Oh, well, say hello to the dog.

  21. Congrats Scalzi! First America, THEN THE WORLD!! I have you know that your books are impossible to find in Europe (or at least in Austria). I have to order them to my U.S. address and then have my wife ship them to me. So please hurry up and “Rule the world!” ;). My wife would appreciate this rather than have me ask her every 3rd day if she mailed my stuff yet.
    Again congrads!!!

  22. Very cool that you’re coming to LA. I suually duck the Book Festival, because it’s always mobbed (putting the lie to the notion that nobody in LA reads), but I’ll likely make an exception to come see your panel (or reading or whatever). Kudos!

  23. Very exciting! I’ve never been able to get a ticket to a panel, but it’s lots of fun to walk around, buy books, & meet authors.

    FWIW, there’s also a Fatburger within walking distance of UCLA, if you’d like to do a comparative tasting in the name of science, or something.

  24. Excuse me for a bit of mild swearing, but: Damn it! That weekend I’ll be in San Diego for the California Democratic Convention, trying to do my bit to influence the party in this neck of the woods.

    And thusly I shall, once again, miss an opportunity for easy stalking (’cause I’m too lazy to be a proper stalker). My poor books must still go unsigned! And on the weekend after my birthday, too! Excuse me whilst I weep.

    You know what, Scalzi? I think you’re doing this on purpose.

    Oh, congrats on the #4. Well done.