The Sam Sale at Subterranean: Good Books, Good Cause


This is Sam, and he’s a really cute kid. Sam has also been diagnosed with pontine glioma, a pernicious sort of brain cancer which requires specialized treatment. Sam’s getting that treatment, but it’s far away from his home and his parents have to run two households — one at home and one at his treatment site — and they’re feeling some of the strain of this.

This is where Subterranean Press comes in. Today (January 22), Subterranean is having a special sale to help out Sam and his family. Today, every book Subterranean current has in print is 25% off — and for every book that Subterranean sells, it will contribute 25% of the retail price to Sam and his family. Subterranean has promised a minimum $2,000 no matter what, but clearly it would be nice to if more could be added to the sum.

So: If you’ve been looking longingly at the current stock of Subterranean Press, which includes books from Poppy Z. Brite, Orson Scott Card, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Lethem, Charlie Stross, Connie Willis and lots of others, today is a fine time to make an order. You’ll get some great special editions at a great price, and you’ll be supporting a good cause as well.

Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press says: “Please mention 25% off when ordering. Your shopping cart total and automatic email confirmation won’t reflect the sale price. We’ll take care of that when processing your order. If you use PayPal, please don’t go through our online store. Instead, email us and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for your order.”

Please note that this sale applies to current stock — preorders are not eligible for the sale. Don’t worry, there’s lots of excellent stuff available now.

Feel free to let people know about this.

4 Comments on “The Sam Sale at Subterranean: Good Books, Good Cause”

  1. I just bought yet another of your books (Questions for a Soldier) and another of Chucky Stross’ books (Missile Gap). Why does Daddy add to the guilt stack???

    I hope my contribution helps lil’ Sam. Pernicious diseases in little kids is just frigging awful.

    Incidentally, my wife – who reads mostly non-fiction philosophy or religious books – said to me last night, “What’s a good science fiction book to read?” Without hesitation I gave her OMW. It’s a great sf entry book, even for a woman who’s read her share of Ballard and Neal Stephenson.

  2. Good golly, 5 hours and NOBODY has posted in this thread yet?

    Most of us who are regulars here on “Whatever” are probably going to buy ~something~ from Subterranean in the next few months. So why wait until then?

    Go buy a book today. I don’t even HAVE kids, but I think we should all give a boost to Sam and his family.

  3. Damn you for catching me on Blue Monday. I’m feely especially funked and this nearly brought me to tears.

    When I get home — and closer to my credit cards — I’ll order. Meanwhile, I sent a sappy e-mail to all of my friends begging them to buy a frickin’ book.

  4. What a terrific gesture! And a great excuse to stock up on some fine reading material…. time to shop!

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