That Doggie in the Window


This is a cute puppy, isn’t it? It’s apparently visiting one of our neighbors. I was first alerted to its presence when Kodi started barking madly; I came down and found the pup actually in my living room. Apparently it nudged open my garage door and decided to come in. This didn’t please Kodi very much; she cornered the dog until I got there. I let the pup out of the house and then it wandered about outside for a while before its people came and got it. Except for a little canine breaking and entering, there was no harm done, and the dog was friendly all the way through — didn’t appear to challenge Kodi or anything (which was good because Akitas don’t take kindly to that). Even so, it added a little bit of excitement to the day. Yes, this is life in rural America.

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  1. If the writing thing ever flames out on you, I see a bright future in wildlife photography for you…at least semi-domesticated wildlife.

    Always good to have something to fall back on.

  2. That’s a Weimaraner. My family had one when I was growing up. Man, those are great dogs, and generally not tending towards criminal behaviors. Maybe it smelled bacon.

  3. You totally missed your chance to start your own pit and start selling tickets to the dog fight.

    I’ve got $50 on the akita.

  4. That’s really great. Totally. Actually, in fact that probably is life in rural America. Some people start blogging, and then end up having nothing to blog about but their pets. You started a blog, and now you’re blogging about someone else’s pet. Man oh man.

  5. Dave,

    Everyone would want $50 on the akita.

    Our 95 pound Rottweiler cross wandered into a neighbor’s house one fine spring day. I can’t imagine what her first reaction was, since he was even larger looking than his weight implies, but her second (happily) was to call my husband, who had left the gate to the dog run open.

  6. It must be a boring life for dogs. They never go anywhere but around the house and outside in their own yards and trips to the vets. No wonder the puppy wandered in.

    Too bad Kodi didn’t want to play. Or maybe that’s a good thing: isn’t your living room furniture still new?

  7. The irony is that I saw this picture after we had to have our retired greyhound put to sleep this very afternoon. Give your dog (or cat) a hug for me tonight!

  8. You have been blessed with a visit by the Oprah Winfrey of the dog world, a Weimaraner. They only like people; other dogs are not worth their time.

    They are your equal whether you like it or not. they will move in, demand a sitting at the table, and you will never have the rights to your own pillow or have complete control of your own bed ever again.

    They are intelligent and have the most expressive face of a dog I have ever seen(the damn things pout when they don’t get their way). BUT, this side of a Golden Retreiver or a Newfoundland, you will not find a more loving dog for kids or us old people. The move it, become an equal member of the family and love you to death.

  9. very much enjoyed reading here…as a poet, I found it enlightening and enriching; I spent a pleasant while just following your links…thank you…

  10. I also live in rural America (in the same county as John, actually). I have four outdoor labs and they definitely make life more exciting in these parts. Especially, when the coyotes are out causing a raucous. It’s the nearest things to “all hell breaking loose” that I’ve experienced in rural Ohio.

  11. “They are intelligent and have the most expressive face of a dog I have ever seen”

    I dunno. Our beagle has amazing range of emoptions on his face. However, the Weimarainers do have a tremendous mournful and silent suffereing looks. (Lord, how I was settle for silent anything from that damn beagle).

  12. Actually, that Weimaraner is a working dog. What looked like an innocent drop in to you was really a visit from the county Guard Dog Testing and Assessment unit. Kodi passed with flying colors and will not need any continuing education courses to maintain his license. You can expect another visit in two years.

  13. he was probably searching for a published author to critique his work for free. apparently he didn’t read your posting the other day john.

  14. Look at that face! OMG… “You’re making me leave? But I just got here? I’m cute. Don’t you want to play?”

    I guess the barking Akita forced you to turn that decidedly, amazingly attractive dog outside. But what we really want to know is, what did the cat think of all this?

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