Reminder: Cincinnati, Here I Come

Remember that if you live in or near Cincinnati, and you are wondering what it is you should do with yourself this evening, that I’ll be at the Joesph-Beth bookstore tonight starting at 7pm. What will I do there? Well, I figure it will be a delightful melange of over-caffeinated blatheration, followed by a mime show based on the State of the Union. You know, the usual. Honestly, I never prepare for these things. I just show up and ask people how they want me to entertain them. The Joseph-Beth Web site maintains that I’m going to sign books, so I guess I’ll definitely do that. Provided, you know, people buy books and want me to sign them. Otherwise I’ll just sit there with a pen and an expectant look on my face as people walk by, trying to avoid making eye contact. We authors live for that.

Also, as a reminder, I’m planning to give away something while I’m there to one of the people who shows up view me in my discombobulated glory. Which person will it be? How should I know? I haven’t the slightest idea who will show up. But if you don’t show up, I can say it won’t be you.

Hey, look! Apparently there’s “a lot of buzz” around my appearance tonight, according to’s Sara Pearce. Why, yes. Yes, there is. See, now you definitely want to come out. It’s where all the cool kids will be. Because the kids, they love a State of the Union mime show.

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  1. ” followed by a mime show based on the State of the Union.”

    Aw, man. If it isn’t interpretive dance, it ain’t nothing. Besides, I’m fresh out of pickle loaf, so no mimes.

    That and I’m way too far away. Hope it’s a great time. Don’t forget, (insert theme from Jaws) the furries are waiting (bwa ha ha ha).

    If anybody is on the fence (the furries?), John, in person, is five times the fun of double-mint gum. Plus, there’s also the skull-kissing thing.

  2. I suggest a drinking game at the event. Every time john says, “Uh…” you drink. Every time john says “bacon” you drink twice. Every time john says
    “gorilla pose” you drink from the opposite side of the glass.

    This’ll kill, I swear.

  3. Wish I lived near Cincy. I assume your mime show will involve lots of smoke of mirrors, a puppet Dick Cheney, and drool coming out of the speaker’s mouth?

  4. Oy. “How are you getting there IF you misplaced your wallet” would have made more sense. Must. Consume. More. Coffee. Before. Posting. Comments.

  5. How does one discipline a wallet?

    Spank it? Jeez, you already sit on it. What more can you do?

  6. Yes, I do live in Cincinnati so I can certainly understand the excitment and “buzz”. Unfortunately, I have an appointment this evening. Though I will be reasonably near Joseph Beth this evening, I fear that by the time I arrive, the puppet show will be over, the books will be signed and there will be nothing left to see save for empty ink pens and crumpled book purchase receipts.

    Do have a fun time though!


  7. I too, alas, have another commitment tonight and so will be unable to join in the fun. But I did just see you last week at ConFusion, so I can’t complain too much.

    At least my prior commitment spares me from the agonizing choice of your signing or Robert Charles Wilson’s.

    Have fun!

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