Technical Request

Mac users of Firefox: For some reason the “White Castle = Not Hamburgers” single entry is causing Firefox 2.0 on my Mac to choke; the page comes in fine on all other browsers including Firefox 2.0 for the PC and Safari on the Mac. If you’re on Mac and have Firefox 2.0, could you check to see if that entry also causes you problems? I want to know if it’s just me (yes, I cleared my cache; that’s the first thing I did). Aside from browser choking there seem to be no other issues; my Mac is fine otherwise, as is the browser.

If it does cause you to choke, close out your browser, fire up your browser again, and let me know (of course, you can also let me know if it doesn’t cause you any problems — both data are valuable). If the same problem is happening to other people, then I’ll need to look at the entry to see what’s causing the problem. Otherwise, I’ll just chalk it up to my own personal browser weirdness.


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  1. I’m on Firefox on a Mac, and it’s not making my computer choke. It’s fine, and the whole page seems to be loading.

  2. Freud might feel vindicated to hear that you used the word “choke” when talking about the problem your Mac is having with White Castle products.

    With a warped smile,
    – Tom –

  3. No choking here, either (Firefox on Intel OS X 10.4.8). A bit of flashing as CSS gets things in order, but after the page load completes, it’s fine.

    What do you mean by ‘choking’?

    Perhaps you have a Firefox extension which is unhappy with the page?

  4. Chang, I have that same problem sometime (keyboard dropping out), but I find that if I close that window, not the whole program, it works just fine if I open a new window.

    Otherwise, the page in question works just fine in Firefox, on a PowerBook G4 with 10.4.8.


  5. FWIW — and some will already know this, some not — a lot of app ailments are cured with a dose of “Repair Permissions” via Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder. Quit everything, run the utility, select your hard drive (you may have other volumes listed), repair permissions, then log out and restart. If trouble persists, I can also recommend the third party app Cocktail, which does the same thing and more, industrial-strength.

  6. Hi, I’m a Mac.

    And I’m a PC.

    PC: So, can you access the hamburger thread?

    Mac: Nope, my OS chews the colon out of a dead warthog…

    PC: Excellent! Now I’m going to prance down an old fashioned cobblestone lane wearing a frilly bonnet and nothing else.

    Mac: Damn you PC!

    [yes, this was a Jackson Pollock post – no explanation needed]

  7. The White Castle entry and all comments display perfectly fine on my two Macs running Firefox One Mac is a dual G5 PowerMac running Mac OS 10.4.7; the other is a PowerBook G4 running Mac OS 10.4.8. Mac users of course are finicky about quality and are unlikely to rank White Castle slyders as qualitatively better than anything (although they may be fine comfort food for some folks).


  8. No problems using FF2.0.0.1 on a Titanium PowerBook G4/550.
    One trick that might help: open terminal and do a [sudo periodic daily weekly monthly].
    Or, better yet, consider installing Applejack, a command line util that lets you clear out all the old cache files and other stuff that can gunk up [why, yes, that’s the technical term] your system if it never gets to run its routine maintenance tasks. Applejack also checks for corrupted preferences files too. I find that restarting in single-user mode, by holding down CMD+S and running it gets my Mac running quite snappily again. Disclosure: just a satisfied user…

  9. OS X 10.4.8, Firefox

    The “white castle” entry renders ok, but my handy page inspector tells me you have one error:

    “missing ) after argument list”

    004809.html, line 1543

    Not sure how much this code is generated server-side, but the script contents in the following context seems to be causing the rendering engine some problems.

    “document.write(‘For some reason, your …”

  10. I am not surprised by the number of Mac users on here.

    Clean as a whistle here. Firefox 2.0.1, OS 10.4.8, shiny new MacBookPro.

  11. I am not surprised by the number of Mac users on here.

    Clean as a whistle here. Firefox 2.0.1, OS 10.4.8, shiny new MacBookPro.

    It might be because there is a coding error and you, as the account owner, can see it because its trying to get your attention to fix it.

    But I call my computer Ziggy. Presume accordingly.

  12. This is a known problem. Apparently it happens a lot to Mac-owning In-N-Out Burger-eaters, i.e. people with no discernable taste. What happens is that the browser rather kills itself than display the offending page. The Firefox developers are working hard at the problem, or rather, they would be if they could be bothered.

  13. The page renders fine for me on Firefox on an Intel Mac. Maybe the problem is specific to the PPC version?

    Anyway, the reason your keyboard gets into trouble is that Javascript steals key bindings when you go to a page that has fancy javascript. Big offenders are YouTube, gmail, sites like that. Probably some bad piece of Javascript is getting attached to the page you have open. If you dismiss it, the problem should go away.

  14. Works fine for me – OS X 10.4.8, FF I’m thinking you may have some weird extension causing you grief.

  15. No problem here. Firefox on a G3 running 10.3.9.

    Interestingly though, Sue’s posting above runs off into the background…

    You might want to check your extensions. A few are known to not play nice with Firefox 2.x.

  16. No problems here with Firefox, OS X 10.4.8 and my MacBook Pro Core2Duo. Just FYI.

  17. I use Firefox more than any other browser, but it’s one of the most choke-prone browsers I’ve ever dealt with.

    I fully expected it to lock up to the point that I’d have to “Force Quit.” I can do that in my sleep now after having used Firefox for a few years.

    But there were no problems here, either. Amazing!

  18. No problems here with the post. OS, Firefox, dual G5 machine.

    You are dead on regards In n Out v White Castle, but you’d better leave Krystal out of this discussion, or them’s fightin’ words……. ;^)

    Nah, Krystal’s ain’t real food neither.