Tempting, Tempting

Quick note: The Amazon ranking for Coffee Shop right now is at 1,057, which (aside from the fact it was in the low 300,000s yesterday, so we’ve had a healthy uptick) I’ve been informed may be the highest Amazon ranking yet for a Subterranean Press book. Now, this is primarily because Subterranean Press sells the vast majority of its books through its own site or through fine specialty booksellers, but it’s still a nice little landmark, so thank you.

Also, I have it on good authority that if it cracks the 1,000 mark, Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer may actually wet himself with excitement. I’m more than half-tempted to buy a copy myself to see this happen.

Update, 2:08pm: #992. Bill Schafer says “Holy f-cking Depends!” Indeed, Bill. Indeed.

Update, 6:23pm: #623. Really, what are the odds I’d see that number at that time?

Thanks, folks. You guys rock.

24 Comments on “Tempting, Tempting”

  1. Chang:

    It’s hard to say. Amazon’s rankings are based on factors that don’t actually have much to do with raw units sold.

  2. G. Jules:

    We’ll honor all pre-orders. I don’t think that’s even a question.


    I think that’s a video we can all skip.

  3. Xenu damn you to the volcano! I was firmly against ordering this compilation of blog entries, since I figured I could just read ’em all for free on the interweb. But now I’ve gone and ordered the danged thing. Curse you, Scalzi!

  4. Mmm. Principle of scarcity in action. I doubt I would have pulled the trigger on an amazon pre-order yesterday without the disclosure of the limited print run.

  5. That Neil Guy:

    Yes, well. In point of fact at least some of the entries in the book are no longer on the site (I took down a lot of stuff when I last switched host services), so the book is in fact the easiest way to read those.

    Nate Trost:

    Good point. I thought I had mentioned it being a limited edition before, but it’s been a while.

  6. Not that you especially have to, of course, but have you considered adding a charity incentive similar to the previous efforts from you and SP? The previous “de-lurk” day seems to have been fairly successful in bringing lurkers out, myself included. I’m not sure whether it directly affects sales, but both seem to have generated a lot of interest.

  7. Alex Avriette:

    We actually did something like that when Agent to the Stars came out. When people bought that book from the Subterranean site, 10% of the cover price was donated to Child’s Play, a kid’s charity. We ended up sending along a couple thousand dollars, if I recall.

  8. I doubt I would have pulled the trigger on an amazon pre-order yesterday without the disclosure of the limited print run.

    Ditto. I bought it for my writer friend.

  9. One important note: Those who order direct from SubPress get their orders filled first, then we move on to book dealers, wholesalers, and Amazon. So it’s entirely possible you may order the book from some outlet other than us and we won’t have a copy to fill your order. It’s not likely but it is possible.


  10. Bill Schafer:

    “It’s not likely but it is possible.”

    I’d also emphasize the “not likely” aspect of that.

  11. I’d help out the Amazon ranking, but I’d pre-ordered the book from Subterranean months ago. So the need for Depends relies not on this reader, I’m glad to say.


  12. I wish I could afford it, dammit. I’m out of work and can’t afford to buy books.

  13. I wonder why Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie is cited as one of the biggest overlaps with Coffee Shop? What is the common factor?

  14. Metal Fatigue – The author’s hairstyles are certainly not the common factor.

    On a serious note, I own/pre-ordered both (though not through Amazon), and I can’t be so singular that I would be the only person on the planet to do that. I think the common factor would be “geek”.

  15. What’s best (financially) for you (John/Bill) – a purchase from subterraneanpress or Amazon?

    In the long term would higher sales from Amazon bring your name forward to more consumers, resulting in greater overall sales?

  16. grhm:

    “What’s best (financially) for you (John/Bill) – a purchase from subterraneanpress or Amazon?”

    Well, Subterranean makes more off its own site, of course. Personally I have no preference as to where people purchase the book. Buy it wherever you want.

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