Wednesday Author Interview: Adrienne Martini

Over at By The Way, I’m interviewing journalist and author Adrienne Martini, about her book Hillbilly Gothic: A Memoir of Madness and Motherhood, which is, in Martini’s words, “about families, Appalachia and mental illness — but funny, in the weird way that I seem to be funny. It’s like a good bluegrass song, complete with moonshine and harmony but without a drowning.” I thought it was an excellent book, and I’m not precisely the target market for memoirs about post-partum depression, so that should say something to you. It’s a good interview, too, so check it out.

8 Comments on “Wednesday Author Interview: Adrienne Martini”

  1. That was a good interview. I like her swimming vs. jogging analogy. It is always refreshing to read/hear an interview with an author who has a very common sense approach to writing, creativity, etc. Nice job. Both of you.

  2. Yeah, the swimming-jogging was an excellent point. I’ll look for the book next time I’m in a bookstore.

  3. Ace interview. Made the book sound very enticing and it’s not something I would normally pick up.

    I was just wondering, though, in this sentence: “Writing isn’t the sort of profession where the only manual you have are other books” is it meant to be “isn’t”? It makes more sense to me as “is”. Or am I just misreading her point?

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