Daily Archives: February 4, 2007

The Hugo/Campbell Nomination Thread, 2007 Edition

I filled out my Hugo and Campbell nomination form tonight, which reminded me that it’s time to ask you all for your thoughts as to whom you would nominate for a Hugo and/or Campbell this year. But before I open the thread to your recommendations, allow me to share some thoughts and recommendations of my […]

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Boskone Schedule

I’ll be at Boskone again this year, because there’s nothing finer than Boston in February, or apparently so I’ve been led to believe, and also, the NESFA folks are fine people who have been very kind to me, so I like to return the favor and let them know I appreciate the support. While at […]

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Kung Fu Cleaning — The Aftermath

And now, here is Krissy, showing off her cleaning handiwork. Despite the unfathomable mess of my office, Krissy was able to clean in just slightly over an hour, which is not so much an indication that my office was not actually all that dirty as it is an indication that she is just that good […]

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Everybody Was Kung Fu Cleaning

Krissy entered my office with a sweatband made of plastic trashbags and spoke wisdom: “In order to clean a mess, one must first remove the source of the mess,” she said. This was her excuse for kicking me out of the room. Then she closed the door. Then she started playing ABBA. I don’t suspect […]

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