Because I Have Not Yet Slathered Myself Thickly Enough Upon The Web…

…I now have a Facebook profile. Because it amuses me to have one, that’s why.

17 Comments on “Because I Have Not Yet Slathered Myself Thickly Enough Upon The Web…”

  1. I expected lovely pictures of you and your family. Now, I’m going to bed expecting nightmares.

    Not nice Mr. Scalzi. Not nice.

  2. The name “Facebook” comes from the Harvard Freshman Facebook, a publication which gets handed out at the beginning of each school year with pictures of all of the first years. (Some of the Houses have House facebooks, as well.) As you’d expect, the first year facebooks get used to track down “freshmeat” and find people who didn’t give you their full name for a reason. (I refused to send a picture in for mine.)

    So when they started Facebook, it was as an online version of the paper facebooks. Hence the creeptastic name.

  3. Strangely, I read the title as far as “Because I Have Not Yet Slathered Myself Thickly Enough…” and immediately assumed it would continue “…with Peanut Butter”. I guess it’s a natural progression from bacon on the cat.

    Does his make me a strange person?

  4. :friended:

    Also, for those of you unfamiliar with Facebook, it has built-in stalker tools. So if you happen to be a lazy stalker…Facebook is for you.

  5. I added you.

    I like the clean look at Facebook but I don’t find it all that easy to socialize on it.

    Which is a good thing–I certainly don’t need another procrastination tool.

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