Kung Fu Cleaning — The Aftermath

And now, here is Krissy, showing off her cleaning handiwork. Despite the unfathomable mess of my office, Krissy was able to clean in just slightly over an hour, which is not so much an indication that my office was not actually all that dirty as it is an indication that she is just that good at chaos management. Reason #17,592 why I have the most awesome wife EVAR.

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  1. Super Mom strikes again! Wow, I hope you’re doing eveyrthing you can to make that woman happy, John. She’s a keeper. And, yeah, Krissy Rocks!

  2. E.C. Myers – I'm a young adult author who spends too much time on the internet. My novels FAIR COIN and QUANTUM COIN were published in 2012 by Pyr Books. http://ecmyers.net

    How long before it’s a wreck again?

  3. Have you gotten her flowers lately? For that she definately deserves flowers, or you could always get her some chocolate. I’m very impressed by the transformation.

  4. Did she do it sashaying to ABBA’s music called “The Cleaning Queen”? Now here is proof that opposites attract – clean loves messy.

    Next time let it go for months and enter the contest for a make-over of the messiest home office (just kidding).

  5. Hey, I want a mini-fridge in my office!

    I gonna print out that picture to show the wife (ammo), and get my own!

    PS – Good to see Fluffy has desktop room again for lounging near your elbow.

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    Chang, father of pangolins

    Wow! Awesome.

    If I showed this to Mrs. Chang as some sort of ammo, I’d get the isht kicked out of me.

    You’re a very lucky fellow, indeed.

  7. Best lyrics ever:
    “I -I don’t believe it! There she goes again! She’s tidied up, and I can’t find anything!”
    (Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science)

  8. The chair strikes me as uncomfortable. Do you spend more time out of the chair (moving about the house with a laptop for example) than in it? Do you just not have a problem with a chair that has lots of adjusties? When you say this is your office, is it different than the place you spend your time writing (such as having a comfortable “writing place” and then an “office” where stuff like taxes is taken care of)?

  9. Martyn Taylor – Northumberland – A writer exploring what lies beyond our peripheral vision. Published by various small presses and now considered to be nearly a Proper Author. Can be found lurking around the frozen North of England, happily herding a small family of recalcitrant adults who may once have been children and a woman who may very well be the fulcrum upon which the universe turns. Available for hire for very reasonable prices.
    Martyn Taylor

    All I can hear is the laughter I’d get if I asked Cathie to tidy my ‘office’ (by my standards it is pretty damned tidy already – but we are trying to sell the house…)

    Not that I’d ask. I have a Browning attitude towards filing (When asked what a peom meant, Browning replied that when he wrote it two people knew what it meant, himself and God. Now…)

  10. This gives us great insight into you inner sanctum which I can analyze mathematically.

    Given that ultimately the mess created by you is the entropy of the system, and that the disorder of any system is represented by

    Disorder = CsubD/CsubI

    where CsubD (or Disorder) is you and CsubI (or Information capacity) is Krissy.

    AND the Order of a system is represented by

    Order = 1 – CsubO/CsubI

    where CsubO is the Order Capacity of a system (in this case your workroom) and CsubI is the Information capacity of the System

    We notice that you (CsubD) don’t even appear in the Order equation which explains fully why it is that you are not in the room after it’s information capacity has been maximized by Krissy (who does appear in the picture).

    Entropy will begin again once you enter the room.

  11. Oh my god. Krissy is obviously:
    a) a superbeing
    b) a closet alien from the planet Mustbe in the solar system Fastidiously Kleen
    c) an ABBA fanatic
    d) bad news for Martha Stewart
    e) an efficiency nut
    or all five. That’s totally amazing how she did that. I am inspired. I have a desk, but it has five laptops, a charging station organizer, an orderly rack of pens and pencils, and no chair because I like to work standing up. The file system is two-language alphabetical. Scary, I know. Hey, anal retentiveness is a fine lifestyle if you don’t let it control you.

    Martyn Taylor: Then you’re a prose Browning, and so is Browning. ‘Chaos, illuminated by flashes of lightning.’

  12. What about product placement? Was the peanut butter Jiffy or Skippy? Where was the Diet Coke? Have you considered wearing a muscle shirt and posing as “Mr. Clean”? There are endless commercial possibilities here.

  13. olddog299 – Short, fat, ugly troll seeks bridge to haunt and folks needing molesting of the mind. Beware climate change as the Orcs are again ascendant.

    WORD TO THE WISE: I don’t care if it IS a ridiculous, manufactured holiday celebration of pure commercialism … you have only 10 days to get something really awesome for that wife of yours for Valentine’s Day. Get busy, boy!

  14. This must be catching. After yesterday’s productivity marathon, I was back at it again today. Must be something in the air. I hope it goes away. Our fridge is almost full of goodies and I’m running out of things to clean. It could get ugly…

  15. It’s been said before (most frequently by our beloved host), but Krissy is a real cutie, and quite a keeper.

    You a lucky boy, you know dat ?

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