Daily Archives: February 5, 2007

Holy Crap

At the moment, “The Sagan Diary” is at #262 #207 #194 #179 on Amazon and #12 #11 #9 #8 on its science fiction bestseller list. I guess people like the audio version. But with such truly fabulous readers involved, who can blame them. Thanks, folks. “Sagan” was a real experiment for me, and I’m really […]

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Speaking of TSD…

Literally a minute after I uploaded the audio version, the UPS dude showed up at the door with my own copies. This is the limited edition, which is all leathery and and has my signature and stuff, although I’ll admit having my own autographed copy of a Scalzi original is possibly less exciting for me […]

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The Sagan Diary: The Audio Version

I have something special for you today, and something I am extraordinarily proud of. To celebrate the release of “The Sagan Diary,” (which you can get through Subterranean’s Web site and through Amazon) I and Subterranean Press have arranged for a reading of the book — the entire novelette — here on the Whatever. But […]

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