Daily Archives: February 7, 2007

Something for the Computer Geeks

I’m looking at some of my usage stats, to see what browsers people are using (Mozilla: 39%; IE: 33%; Opera, Netscape, Safari: <4% each) and OS’s (Windows: 85%, Mac OS: 9.5%, Linux: 5%), and in the latter category I discover that here in 2007, there has been a single visit from someone running OS/2. OS/2! […]

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Small Town Life: One in a Series

So, Athena’s school has been canceled every day this week, twice because of cold and once (today) because of snow, and tomorrow and Friday the school day is going to be cut short at one o’clock because staff member at the school passed away and the family asked to have the viewing of the body […]

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Move Under Ground: Now in Convenient Creative Commons Form

Nick Mamatas, who co-wrote the short story “Who Put The Bomp?” which I published here (and which I keep flogging for your Hugo nomination consideration), has decided to take his debut novel, Move Under Ground, and make it available for free under a Creative Commons license. He has his reasons: The first is simply that […]

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Curing Teh Gayz — In Just Three Weeks!

There are going to be enough people out there who will point out the fundamental (heh) absurdity of declaring Ted Haggard cured of his taste for jock-seasoned meats that I’m not even going to bother with that. What I will say is that I found the following tidbit from Haggard’s recent e-mail to his former […]

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