Because It’s Never Too Early to Be Disaffected

Sometimes a t-shirt is almost too perfect, you know?

The t-shirt, incidentally, is from the Penny Arcade collection. It was on sale!

Friday Petblogging

Because, you know. Why not.

Idiot Telemarketers in Action, Part 13,772

(Phone Rings)

Me: Hello?

Idiot Telemarketer: Hello, I’m calling you from the U.S. Navy Veterans Association and —

Me: Let me stop you right there and tell you to call back later, when my wife is at home. She handles all our charitable giving.

Idiot Telemarketer: Well, I’m sure that you’re the better half, and —

Me: You know what? You’ve just offended me incredibly by suggesting my wife isn’t competent to talk to you. Take me off your list and never call me back.

(hangs up)

The organization, once again: The U.S. Navy Veterans Association, whose telemarketers, apparently, are sexist dickwads.

You know, both my father and my wife’s father were in the Navy. I’m not disinclined to support charitable organizations related to that branch of the service. However, now, not this particular one.

Sundry Notes, 2/9/07

More little things:

* Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this or any other planet, Karen Meisner. For those of you who don’t know know here, Karen’s one big happy package of awesome. Those of you who know her know this already, of course.

* Subterranean Press wants to remind reviewers and/or those with heavily-trafficked blogs that it has advance reader copies available of upcoming books, including ones from Elizabeth Bear, Cherie Priest, Ted Chiang, Connie Willis and Robert Silverberg. Become part of the great SF/F publicity machine! You know you want to. Incidentally, I myself have the ARCs to most of these, and you know what? Most of these are pretty @$#%^! great.

* Anna Nicole Smith: Honestly, people. How did you expect she was going to end up? There was no aspect of her life that didn’t point to this, sooner or later.

* I’ve been vaguely following this John Edwards/blogger thing and it’s pretty damn stupid. Political bloggers using intemperate language? Heaven forfend! I am shocked, shocked at the lack of decorum!

Here’s a handy guideline for anyone thinking to a hire a blogger for anything: Assume they’ve written something someone somewhere will get offended about, because that’s what bloggers do. I mean, shit. Just the other day, if my e-mail serves, I offended religious homophobes and at least some gay-positive folk in the very same entry. That, my friends, is a skill to have.

Point is, there is hardly a blogger with any sort of traffic who doesn’t have something in the archive that will make for tantalizing pullquotes. The only sane response to someone who waves these quotes about is to ask them, quite sincerely, if they’re aware that water has a certain quality of wetness about it. Likewise, if you hire a long-time blogger, particularly if you’re a political campaign, by God be prepared.

* Re: E-mail — it was down for some time yesterday, it’s been back up for a while, but I’m still going through it. If you’ve not heard back from me yet, don’t panic.