Because It’s Never Too Early to Be Disaffected

Sometimes a t-shirt is almost too perfect, you know?

The t-shirt, incidentally, is from the Penny Arcade collection. It was on sale!

21 Comments on “Because It’s Never Too Early to Be Disaffected”

  1. I have to admit, my kid is stylin’ in his Misfits onesie. Not to mention the Led Zeppelin onesie or the day of the dead short sleeve button down.

  2. Gump – you assume she doesn’t already have one.

    John – mine’s only 4, and she already does the whole “Oh, Dad…” sigh thing. I can’t wait til she’s a pre-teen…

  3. Our World of Warcraft Guild on the Dark Iron realm (which is where the boys from Penny Arcade went to) is called Annarchy after the character from the strip (the gaming niece of Tycho). Nice to see a fellow Annarchist :D

    PA are moving their online shop inhouse, which is why some of their tshirts are on sale — some, like the Annarchy one Athena is wearing, won’t be available after the move.

  4. Actually, one of my friends has a young daughter I’d like to buy this for (he’s a geek and will appreciate it). I’m not sure if I should get the “babydoll” style or a just a normal shirt in small. Curse you, fashion gods!


  5. PeterP-My advice is a normal shirt in small. Babydolls are more fitted.

    Great picture. Whoever said ‘burnt-out gelfling’ has a gift for imagery. Maybe teenage rebellious burnt-out gelfling?

  6. PeterP – If I was a girl getting the shirt, I’d want the baby doll–just get a size larger than she normally wears. How young is young, anyway?

  7. PeterP:
    With the way the sizing for the shirts works, get the babydoll. The largest babydoll is still smaller than the smallest ‘regular’ shirt.

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