Friday Petblogging

Because, you know. Why not.

12 Comments on “Friday Petblogging”

  1. Pretty. I would, had I pets to blog about.

    Well, there is the boyfriend and the roommate, but they’re not pets of the more-than-two-legged variety.

  2. Top Caption:

    “I’m on uR Sno. Hopin’ to eat teh UPS dood.”

    Bottom Caption:

    “Up heer on teh stairz, i’m safe from teh bacon. hee hee.”

  3. Christian, hee! Perfect. And Scalzi, I must say the Scalzi pets are most awesome.

    We’re looking into getting a kitten. As my pretty pretty shiny shiny book arrived today, said feline might be named “Sagan” or something related, should the name fit. And now I’m shutting up, because I have a book to read.

  4. Dog and Cat rear shots. S’cool. Our cat, George Foreman, is not down with being a newly indoor only cat. suckstobehim! He’s only going out on a leash now. Har har har.

    Can that dog pull a sled? Or a Honda?

  5. And I wish people would stop gloatiung about how they got their book when others of us are sulking and reduced to re-reading TGB again. And again. Not that it’s bad or anything. Me just want new bookie.

  6. Wow. Look at all that snow.

    (It was around 50F today. Skirt weather again, yay! North Carolina ROCKS)