Dropping Wiscon

I regret to say that due to a combination of family and business commitments, neither Krissy nor I will be attending Wiscon this year. This bums us out because a) Wiscon is awesome, b) A lot of our friends will be there and c) Kelly Link is a guest of honor this year and we wanted to be there for that. But it just doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. There’s always next year.

I’ll still be at Penguicon and the Heinlein Centennial. I’ve nothing scheduled after that convention-wise for 2007, although I expect that will probably change over time.

7 Comments on “Dropping Wiscon”

  1. Well, :op~~~~ (and other comments). I was rather looking forward to seeing you both there – and the rest of the crew, as well. I suppose a rundown of the happenings at WisCon would only be rubbing salt in the wound, so that’s right out.

    Rather miss the SF communities in OH and MI myself, as I used to hail from there – and while it was nowhere near as academic in focus as WisCon, I still miss MarCon. (This was a *long* way back.) Oh, well.

    Meanwhile, hope all the family and business matters conclude happily, and better luck for next year.

  2. dude, you just destroyed my day. can’t krissy go, at least? she’s the ‘femi’ part of your coupledom. nobody really cares if YOU miss a ‘-nist convention’.

  3. At least you will still be at the Heinlein Centennial Celebration….I’m totally excited about that!

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