Coffee Shop Shows Up; TAD in Analog


The lovely Mrs. Scalzi shows off the author copy of Coffee Shop, which means that for those of you who have pre-ordered the book, your wait will soon be over. w00t!

Also, a nice review of The Android’s Dream in Analog (warning: some spoilers). Here’s the quote I imagine Tor will use for the paperback: “This is one I stayed up late to finish reading. Not many make me do that any more.” That quote makes me feel all fuzzy inside, it does.

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  1. Uh… thanks.

    Bear in mind, all and sundry, that on occasion my wife does read the comments around here.

  2. John, it’s easy to see which parent Athena favors, you are indeed a lucky man, Sir. Just pointing out the obvious.

    Oh, and nice book. Though the cover reminds me of Dogbert’s “Brown Ring of Quality.” Can’t wait for my copy to show up.

    I’d say congrats on the Analog review, but really, John, it’s getting a tad (TAD get it?) tedious. Haven’t we had just about enough “nice” reviews now? John Scalzi “the darling of SCIFI, blah blah blah.” I mean come on, have you ever had a bad review?

    I’m kidding, Dude, its pure unadulterated jealousy, that’s what it is. It’s ugly, but then I am a small jealous person, apparently. Well done.

  3. Rusty: Dude, she’s not smiling at YOU, she’s smiling at the guy holding the camera. Pour some cold water over your head and try to be a bit more respectful.

    Besides she’s been known to maim guys that make comments like that.

  4. Jim Wright:

    “I mean come on, have you ever had a bad review?”

    Sure. And I suspect I’ll be getting another less-than-positive review in the reasonably near future.

  5. I apologize. I meant it as a compliment, all the way around. I guess some people still aren’t comfortable with the dialect of my people yet.

  6. Rusty: I was just being a smartass. Krissy can take of herself. “…I guess some people still aren’t comfortable with the dialect of my people yet.” Your people? What are you, like a steppe nomadic tribesman or something?

    John: Yeah, I know, but then again, I don’t read the bad reviews either, so they might as well just not publish them.

  7. Well, *I* pre-ordered, and I’m *waiting*….

    Maybe I’ll just join Alma in the Impatient Foot-Tapping Preorderers’ Lounge. So far, neither TSD nor Coffee Shop has landed on my doorstep.

    But The Ghost Brigades came today! So one of last week’s impulse buys has paid off!

  8. Is displaying new copies of books with baconed cats limited to readers only and not to the author?

  9. Another great review. I need to write a macro to say congrats, John. :) As recently commented in a group that discusses authors, you’re so hot you’re on fire, man.

    And, strangely enough, TAD is also keeping *me* up at night to read it. Several times until my eyes cross form exhaustion.

  10. Athena could have done it. Krissy could have done it.

    It’s a tradition, like kissing bald heads of SF writers at conventions.

  11. Oh, that is so weird. I get your blog via RSS feed in LiveJournal, so I glanced at the photo of The lovely Mrs. Scalzi and thought to myself, “Hmmmm. Interesting photo of Anne Murphy. I wonder why she’s holding a book?” Then, of course, I took a second look and discovered my mistake.

  12. John,

    1) Krissy looks elegant in a plaid most women could not pull off nor would even try. Nice work, Krissy.

    2) Can’t wait to read the book. Whenever the heck it arrives. The pony that was carrying it must have stopped at the border to wait out the cold.

  13. Here is another angle to writing which makes people cringe in disbelief. As far as I can remember fiction is something that comes out of an author’s imagination. How come some people tend to confuse it with reality?

    The same can be said about Hemingway when he wrote about wartime stories in which he did not actually participate in. So, I say to hell with reviewers who can not write and criticize writing styles that are not to their liking.

  14. Has anyone else considered that the Scalzi marriage is the latest example of the Christie Brinkley/Billy Joel Syndrome; ie. fabulous wife somehow matched to nebbishy, dorky-looking husband.

    (Hey, I figure after giving John three four-star reviews in a row — and as a fellow Dorky Male — I needed to send a little snark his way, just so people don’t think I’m losing my Simon Cowell edge or anything.)

  15. Cool. Until I saw you at Philcon, I forgot that I had ordered the book. Now, if it arrives on Valentine’s Day, I have to explain to my wife why I bought myself a present.

    (I was the zombie-talk guy who followed you up the stairs. I didn’t know who you were, but I figured you looked like the sort of guy who Knew Where Things Were.)

  16. I just love the cover design for that book. It’s just so SO, ya know? It’s as perfect a fit for the book as the cover for TAD is. Kudos to the designer.

  17. FWIW, I stayed up late last night to finish TAD, and loved it. Just brilliant!

    I’m going to give my copy to my dad– he’s almost entirely immune to the charms of science fiction, but the politicking that goes on in the book is similar enough to the sorts of techno/politico-thrillers that he likes that he just might get into it. Plus, well, he can’t resist a good fart joke.

  18. Let me know what he thinks. I did write the book with the idea that people who don’t normally read SF could get something out of it, so it’d be nice to see if the theory works in practice.

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