Daily Archives: February 13, 2007

In the Bleak, etc., etc.

Incidentally, going out to take this picture without wearing gloves? Not the smartest thing I could have done. Update, 8:30pm: In the comments, someone said the picture looks like a book cover. Pixelfish tests the proposition.

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Death is Coming! In Snowy Flakes!

Well, the “heavy snow advisory” that had been on in my area is now off, but only because it’s now been changed to a blizzard warning. So now not only will we get all the snow we were already going to get, but we’ll also get 40 mph gusts of wind. Joy. This all couldn’t […]

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Note for Folks Who Ordered “Sagan Diary” From Amazon

I got a note from Subterranean Press saying that there was a little database problem with Amazon concerning The Sagan Diaries, but that copies are going out now. So if your copy hasn’t yet arrived, it will soon. Just want to keep you in the loop with these things.

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Heart-Shaped Box is Out, Plus a Pimping Thread

Congratulations to my pal Joe Hill, whose debut novel Heart-Shaped Box officially hits the stores today. HSB is coming out both to a volume and quality of reviews most novelists would give eyeteeth for; not entirely coincidentally, it’s also one of the best debut novels to come down the pike in a while. It’s creepy, […]

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