Im N Ur Snow, Eetin Ur Frozin Extremities


Because he would, you know. So don’t let it come to that.

12 Comments on “Im N Ur Snow, Eetin Ur Frozin Extremities”

  1. It takes a sick mind to think of such thoughts of a perfectly content kitty cat. I am pretty sure if the cat had a choice between frozen extremities and a nice can a Wiska’s, cat would be all over the preprocessed already chopped and served on a kitty plate dinner.
    As a side note, I just finished TGB. Read front to back in 2.5 days. I very much enjoyed it and now I think I will kick back and listen to the audio posting from last month. I figure I will grab TLC when I am in the States next month. WOOHOO! Going home!!

  2. Dogs are mutts. Cats are random-bred. It’s so much more dignified, and you know how important that is to cats.

    Also, cats don’t like frozen extremities; they like still-dripping extremities.

  3. It’s looks to me like he’s going to be the one with the frozen prolly gets painful to sit in snow like that. I’m getting a shrinking feeling just thinking about it..

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