Snow Day, Again

School’s closed again today, and it’ll be closed tomorrow, too (for a scheduled teacher training day or something), and Monday as well for the President’s Day holiday. School’s been closed more often than not in the last two weeks. Between school closings and illness, Athena’s been to school probably about three days in February so far.


Of course, ask Athena if this bothers her.

15 Comments on “Snow Day, Again”

  1. I don’t know about that. Among many other reasons, it’s not like I’m not actually doing work during the day.

  2. Wasn’t Hitler home-schooled?

    Anyway, my kid doesn’t get a snow day. Instead, Lil Chang is out with a fever, possibly due to something she picked up at school (which she wouldn’t have if she was homeschooled, true) and the week long 8th birthday celebration. My kid loves her sugar, just like Daddy.

    Hey, Sclazicce? You still doing Boskone?

  3. It’s so great to think about the times when, even in winter, getting a break meant that you were then free to do the things you wanted to do, instead of an opportunity to catch up with things you have to do.

    Go, Athena! Run and play in the sunshine. I also think it’s great she’s outside playing, instead of hibernating on the couch, video gaming (no little old ladies were harmed with the posting of this gerund).

  4. Whoops, that’s why no Little Old Ladies were harmed, that’s not a gerund. I need to change which Little Old Ladies supply my grammer needs. Come back here, granny, you owe me a refund!

  5. “Wasn’t Hitler home-schooled?”

    I think it depends on the home, Chang.

    We homeschooled my son when we lived in Southern Cahleefornia – because schools there are worse than most 3rd world countries. Thank the powers that be we’re back home in Alaska with great public schools again. Let the teachers deal with his hyperactive little butt I say, they’re the ones who filled him full of sugar yesterday at the Valetine’s Day party. Hah!

  6. Jim Wright:

    “We homeschooled my son when we lived in Southern Cahleefornia – because schools there are worse than most 3rd world countries.”

    They were good when I was in them (although this was before Proposition 13, one of the unintended consequences of which was to put a squeeze on schools).

  7. “Wasn’t Hitler home-schooled?”
    He was also failed the entrance exam to the Academy Of Arts which is part of the Austrian University system. Hmmm…I wonder how much different history would be if he passed.
    But based on the entrance exam failure it might be safe to assume he does not have that much schooling in him all.
    Anyways, enjoy the snow days! Build a giant CDF snow fort!

  8. My homeschooled children have demanded snow days this week.

    Homeschooling takes less time than you think, John. My third grader takes about an hour per day.

  9. Chuckles: “I was kidding. Sheesh.” I know, me too. Maybe if ol’ Adolf had played in the snow a bit more, he wouldn’t have been such an asshole.

    Scalzone: “They were good when I was in them.” See? That’s my point, exactly, look how you turned out! Heh, now I’m kidding. Seriously, my understanding is that CA went from being ranked near the top in public education before prop 13, to 2nd from the bottom (HI being the bottom) after it was implemented. In the space of about 10 years.

    My son was in 2nd grade in Fallbrook (between SD and LA), and the school just plain SUCKED. And it was considered one of the best in the area. We pulled him out and homeschooled him using the Alaska Homeschool program (Acutally my wife did it, I was deployed most of the time). And it’s a damn good thing otherwise he would have been literally years behind when he returned here. We’ve got our problems in Public Education here, but at least 5th graders CAN READ. CA seems only to teach to the TerraNova tests and the lowest common denominator – don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the teachers who are mostly wonderful dedicated people, it’s the system that’s run amok.

  10. With your home being so, well, isolated (from the looks of the photos), does Athena have nearby chums with whom to share her snow day fun? I recall that a lot of the pleasure of snow as a child was in enjoying it with friends. Sure, forts with Dad and such are fun, but it’s great to play with peers.

    And all this makes me me glad I no longer live in Iowa…although, I do kind of wish my kids could have some of that snowy fun some day…

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