“Coffee Shop” — 20 Copies Left

Yes, I’m checking in from the airport. I’m pathetic, I know.

Be that as it may, those of you who have been on the fence on picking up a copy of You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffeeshop: Scalzi on Writing should read the following note by Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer, which he left in the comment to a previous thread, but which I am now bumping up to the front page:

We’re finishing up shipping pre-ordered copies of YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE… and only have 20 copies left. If you want one, I suggest you head over to the SubPress site and snag one.

The reason Bill suggests you go to the Sub Press site rather than, say, Amazon, is that orders through the Sub Press site take priority at this point.

In other news: Hey, a book of mine is almost completely sold out even before it goes on sale. I feel shiny. Thank you.

Anyway, if you do want a copy of the book: Hurry.

Update, 5:40pm — They’re all gone now.

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  1. NYARGH!!!

    I haven’t gotten either You’re not fooling anyone… nor TSD. I emailed SubPress and they said it’s shipping but Daddy’s still waiting. I wanted to present Sclazicce with all my books to sign plus notes on what to sign for each.


    But I do want mah durn books!

  2. Well, all the copies of Coffee Shop are already signed (as are the limited editions of “Sagan”), so you should be fine on that score.

  3. My boyfriend pre-ordered on Amazon weeks ago, and hasn’t gotten his yet. We’re kinda nervous now….do we re-order from Subterranean or do we wait to see if Amazon f-ed up our order? *chews nails*

  4. Hey all,

    It won’t be until this afternoon, at the earliest, until our webguy can pull You’re Not Fooling Anyone… from our site, but those last 20 copies are now spoken for, so please don’t place any further orders for the book.



  5. I ordered mine when Scalzi first announced it here, but it was so long ago that I don’t even trust my memory of ordering it. I mean, what was that, April?

    That’s a weird feeling. Now I have to check through my old e-mails to make sure I haven’t lost my mind.

  6. Count me as another Amazon pre-order that has not seen anything or even gotten a shipping notification.

    However, my brother received his super special edition of TSD that I ordered for a present and he’s blown away seeing his name in print. Great idea there, John – thanks for a great present idea.

  7. Amazon, etc.

    Here’s how orders are filled around here at the SubPress compound:

    — Individuals who order from us first
    — Small specialty retailers
    — wholesalers (including Ingram & Baker and Taylor, and Amazon.com)

    I can’t be certain that Amazon didn’t a) order more copies than were already pre-ordered through them; b) attempt to get copies at some point from one of the other wholesalers.

    I do know that we shipped all of the Amazon orders _we_ received, but if they were counting on copies from other sources as well, I can’t guarantee they received them.

  8. Greg, I’m pretty sure I ordered it when Scalzi first announced it too. My receipt is dated 3/28/2006. So April is about right.

  9. Got my pre-order in months ago…can’t wait till it arrives!!!!! BTW, my copy of TSD arrived the other day and it rocked! Thanks, John.

  10. Thanks JC, it gave me a reference point to start looking. I ordered mine 4/5 from Subterranean.

    Glad I didn’t miss out on ordering it. April 2006 Greg was apparently smarter.

  11. In the future, I cannot recommend highly enough dealing directly with Bill at Subterranean Books for any of John’s forthcoming books or any others offered by SubPress. Bill offers fantastic service (and in today’s world that says alot), the webpage is great and easy, and care and attention are paid to protecting the books during shipping. And the books, superb for content and production. I’m in Canada so the books take a bit longer to reach me but I have never been disappointed with any SubPress book I have ordered and I have a few. Books from Subterranean Press make my day.

  12. What Geordie said (from another Canuck). Always happy with my orders from Subterranean and dealing with Bill directly.

  13. Can I ask a possibly nitwit question?

    If you already know in preorders that there’s only going to be 20 extra copies left, before it even goes on sale officially … why don’t you just print more of them?

  14. Because it’s a limited, signed edition.

    Bill and I may discuss doing a second printing, but for right now there are no plans to do so.

  15. Ok, so basically since I preordered from Amazon a couple of months ago and they are giving me an estimated shipping date of March 5th (a week after the pub date?) I have to cross my fingers, knock on wood and hope that they even have a copy to send?!?

    This won’t be 18 days of stressed out hell, not at all.

  16. Sorry, somehow the last line got excised –

    Any suggestions on how to cope with this? Any at all?

  17. Ahoy, fellow travelers on the good ship Coffee Shop: In case this helps, I think I got in under the wire for one of the 20 copies remaining at Subterranean HQ, *and* I have a preorder (made some months ago) via Amazon. I don’t want to cancel the Amazon order in case the Subterranean order can’t be filled. (Bill, if I got a receipt and everything via your online store, does that mean I got one of the 20 for sure?)

    If I do end up with an extra copy, I’ll be glad to pass it along to another Whatever reader at my cost. Since offhand I can’t think of a better way to do that fairly, let’s say first e-mail in my inbox is first served. (tewalkerjr, then a little ol’ @ symbol, then gmail, then a dot, then com)

  18. yeah, I’m one of the people that pre-ordered from Amazon, not realizing that I’d have a better chance of actually getting a copy if I ordered from Subterranean. What was I thinking? oops.

  19. I got TSD. It was a gift from the girlfriend. Isn’t she great?

    I have not received Coffee Shop yet. So sad. I’m itchin for it.

    On a side note, Sub Press is really cool. I know this sounds like an ad, but if you wanna buy a book (by Scalzi, or Card, or whoever) and they have it, go with them. :) I’ve had many good experiences.

  20. There are few things sadder to me than when I decide I want to buy a copy of a book, and it can no longer be purchased.

  21. When you first posted about …Coffee Shop, I thought to myself, “Sounds like a great book, but I can’t afford it and wouldn’t have time to read it anyway.” Then I saw Bill’s comment that there were only 20 copies left, and had a surge of “Damn the cost! Must get it while I can!”, which left me twitching with wasted adrenaline when I saw that they were all gone.

    Nice marketing ploy there.

  22. OK. So I just finished Old Man’s War. Amazing. Fantastic. And I need the sequel. Right now. So I called Anderson’s where I bought the book (and where they’re promoting that book on an endcap by the way) and of course they don’t have it. I call Barnes and Noble. They don’t have it (and they checked the surrounding area for me). I call Borders. They don’t have it in Naperville. They have 4 copies in Oak Brook and one in Bolingbrook about 20 minutes away. Heading out. Be real friendly to Borders. Nick

  23. Dang. Is there a “normal person’s edition” coming? I had ordered via Amazon (oh, silly me).

  24. So if we pre-ordered via Amazon (mine says it is supposed to ship 2/26) and haven’t received it, are we SOL or is there still a chance that we’ll receive it?

  25. Mike Stanley:

    “So if we pre-ordered via Amazon (mine says it is supposed to ship 2/26) and haven’t received it, are we SOL or is there still a chance that we’ll receive it?”

    If you ordered it via Amazon before I posted this entry, you’re likely to receive it, since I do believe the Amazon orders were counted in the overall pre-order numbers that Bill toted up, although there’s a small chance that Amazon may have decided to get some from other wholesalers. As Bill says above:

    “I do know that we shipped all of the Amazon orders we received, but if they were counting on copies from other sources as well, I can’t guarantee they received them.”

    Also remember that Amazon tries to ship on or near the actual release date, and the posted release date is 2/26.

  26. Ok, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, then.

    Even if I get mine I hope you decide to do a second print run; I bet this will make a nice gift for some of my friends in my school’s writing program. :)

  27. Will this book have a non-limited-signed-ordinary-person’s edition from, for example, Tor?

  28. Drat. Lurker here – I’d put the book on my Amazon wishlist for a birthday suggestion. I had no idea this wasn’t going to be a standard printing. Let me put in a vote for another go-round.

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