Daily Archives: February 19, 2007

Hitting the Target

The Gender Genie is a Web site which purports to be able to guess from a text (preferably of more than 500 words) whether the writer of the text is male or female (some algorithm is involved). Well, I was curious how “The Sagan Diary,” which is “written” by a woman, reads to this algorithm, […]

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Boskone 2007 Recap

The object that Athena is regarding with such protean terror is not Donald Trump’s hairpiece but a tribble, which I bought at Boskone, the guest of honor this year at which was David Gerrold, who wrote the Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles” from which these little fuzzy things were born. David Gerrold, incidentally, […]

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TSD Review on SFReviews.net

SFReviews.net weighs in on “The Sagan Diary,” liking some parts more than others but ending up generally positive in the end: Quibbles about style aside, The Sagan Diary reinforces the humanism of Scalzi’s earlier books, and leaves you with a simple message. This is your life. Live it. Indeed. The review is here. Also, thanks […]

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