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SFReviews.net weighs in on “The Sagan Diary,” liking some parts more than others but ending up generally positive in the end:

Quibbles about style aside, The Sagan Diary reinforces the humanism of Scalzi’s earlier books, and leaves you with a simple message. This is your life. Live it.

Indeed. The review is here. Also, thanks to the last line of the review, I have this song running around in my brain. Ah, the early 90s.

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  1. It sounds like a mostly positive review (must get that macro working). And I don’t know about Tom, but in my own head my prose is much more florid and prosaic when I’m ruminating than what comes out in my everyday speech and writing, so I’d expect a diary to reflect that. Especially one writen with a BrainPal. I haven’t had a chance yet to listen to the audio, yet, but it sounds like it would be right on.

  2. Yup. Also, there are better tracks on the album. I particularly like “May This Be Your Last Sorrow” and “It’s Written All Over My Face.”

  3. Damn you, Scalzi! I had never heard that song before, and I was happy that way. Now I’ve got one more stupidly talentless band to try and erase from my memory.

  4. Heh, the last line of that review made ME think of “Life’s what you make it” by Talk Talk (whose last 2 albums, Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock, are a total departure from their earlier New Romantic-y stuff and 2 of the best albums no one has ever heard of).

  5. It helps if you do, Jeremiah. It takes place after TGB but before “The Last Colony.” But it has a preface section that serves to catch you up if you don’t (I put it in there for that purpose).

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