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Reviews and Interviews, 2/20/07

A small clutch of Scalzi-related scribblings coming at you: * Rick Kleffel has nice things to say about “The Sagan Diary” over at The Agony Column, calling it “a must-have book for just about any serious reader of science fiction and certainly for any serious collector of science fiction.” He also heaps love on Bob […]

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Under My Roof

Nick Mamatas, whose birthday it is today, was kind enough to slip me a copy of his latest, Under My Roof, when we saw each other at Boskone. I’m reading it now and I have to say so far it’s cracking me the hell up. Yes, I know, there have been a lot of entries […]

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The New Comprehensible, or, This is Not a Literary Manifesto, Thank God

SFBC Editor Andrew Wheeler, in his post on Boskone, noted a Sunday afternoon panel he was on about hot writers and trends, and brought up my name: I forget all that we talked about — though I’m sure it was utterly brilliant and provided a model for all future fantastic literature — though I did […]

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