Daily Archives: February 21, 2007

Movements and Reprehensibility

Two links related to me for you this evening: * John C. Wright talks about Old Man’s War and the New Comprehensibility, but rather more importantly, he launches his own new science fiction movement: The New Space Princess Movement: The literary movement will follow two basic principles: first, science fiction stories should have space-princesses in […]

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On Electronic Editions of My Books

This is another one of those “I’m putting this online so I can refer people to it later,” entries, since I’m getting two or three queries about this subject a week. 1. No, I don’t know when my novels will be available in electronic format. That’s all up to Tor, to whom I’ve licensed the […]

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Wil Wheaton on John Scalzi

No, it’s not like that, and more’s the pity for you, because, you know, we’re both damn hawt. Rather, Wil makes me the subject of his “Geek in Review” column this week, hitting on a few of my books as he does so, and also mentioning the Whatever. I am, of course, appropriately humbled.

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