Fog and Ice

We’re fog-bound today, and waiting for the wolves to descend from the frozen north to consume our very bones, but before that happens, I went outside and got some photos. The entire collection is here, but let me post a couple here as well.

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  1. They are good photos, John, you do have an eye for it. I didn’t mean my comment to mean any schlub with a camera could take good pictures. I just meant that Hoar Ice is always a beautiful thing. When it’s accompanied by ice that’s sheathed over branches, and the morning sun catches in it, magnificent. Then there is the sound as the wind plays through it which is just fantastic. I always associate it with quiet contemplation.

  2. Umm….nice also! (not nine!)
    Now off to the Austrian Chinese food place….
    MMMM…Chinese Schnitzel!


  3. Aw, come on Justine. Travel to the north in winter. Experience it for yourself. We don’t bite, you know. Unless we’re snowed in and all the food is gone then it’s every person for themselves, but until that happens all is good. :)

  4. Well, bear in mind I don’t show you all the lousy pictures I take. But thank you, Kate.

    As I understand it, one of the major differences between amateur photographers and professional ones is that professional photographers don’t show all the lousy pictures they take. (Granted, there’s also a huge amount of learning and experience that goes into improving their ration of great photos to not-so-great photos.)

    When the wolves come to consume your very bones, can you try to get a few pics? I love wolf photos.

  5. I like the additional shots on flickr too. I do have to admit the one with the swing-set in it threw me as the swing isn’t visible in the thumbnail pic. I think it would be interesting to see a side by side comparison with the original with a version that has the swing removed via photoshop.

    I had my own personal experience with the ice and fog this moring. (I’m not that far from where you live.) I pull out of the drive, and then wonder what’s wrong with my steering as I’m turning the wheel and the car isn’t changing direction. Then I cleared the patch of black ice and suddenly my steering was fixed – amazing! Nothing like an early morning brain cramp combined with unexpected weather conditions.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks it odd that, with wolves venturing south to devour his frozen bones, he goes outside? Shouldn’t he be setting up barricades, laying in stocks of ammunition, and preparing to throw Grandma from the sleigh?

  7. I’m with Justine. Nothing beats sitting in front of the fireplace with a hot toddy while watching the weather do awful things outside……unless it’s sitting on an island somewhere, quaffing Corona’s and looking at pics of the weather doing awful things outside.

  8. Just as long as they’re not direwolves. We’re seeing more and more of those south of The Wall these days – Winter is coming.

    Oh, sorry. I’ve been re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire again.