Oh, Look, the Wolves are Here

And they sent a lovely image:


I guess I better go get consumed now.

15 Comments on “Oh, Look, the Wolves are Here”

  1. Oh, hi. I’m here to be victimized by your fevered species-ist ravings. As if I were some kind of pea-brained cougar. Or mangy polar bear. Or wendigo.
    Wolf hayta.

  2. COME ON! You’re much more likely to be eaten by your neighbours than wolves. When the Donner Party was frozen in, who did the eating huh, huh?

  3. FURTHER MORE, there have been no wolves in Ohio since the Nineteenth Century.

    You really should go to the window and check on what the Johnsons are doing, however. Is that a knife in Mrs. Johnson’s hand?

  4. It’s always been one of my odd fiction meets life dreams to be eaten by wolves. I become a famous author, get to an age where I can’t do much more, go off in to the north woods of Minnesota, and let the wolves do the work. In essence, I would become the first author ever to be eaten by wolves, and who wouldn’t want that on their tombstone?

  5. (obligatory commercial quote)
    dog: baconbaconbaconbacon…IT’S BACON!
    announer: dogs don’t know it’s not bacon
    (end obscure quote)

  6. YES! Beggin Strips! One of the greatest commercials of all time.

    “Whatsitsaywhatsitsaywhatsitsay?! AAAAH!! I CAN’T READ!

    John, did you take that in your yard?