Wil Wheaton on John Scalzi

No, it’s not like that, and more’s the pity for you, because, you know, we’re both damn hawt. Rather, Wil makes me the subject of his “Geek in Review” column this week, hitting on a few of my books as he does so, and also mentioning the Whatever. I am, of course, appropriately humbled.

12 Comments on “Wil Wheaton on John Scalzi”

  1. I agreed with Professor Bainbridge about your books more than Wil Wheaton, but both are nice reviews. The New Whatever-It-Is paradigm is working.

  2. Wil does say he’s grown extremely fond of you, and he uses the phrase, “**cking good” to describe you, so I’m not so sure we should believe your denials.

  3. more’s the pity for you
    Not to worry, we’re clever people. I’m sure we can write our own Wheaton/Scalzi pr0n if we’re so inclined…

  4. now come on TransDutch, **cking good should not be confused with good **cking. and besides, consenting adults and all being involved, its none of our beeswax.

  5. Reading my list of bookmarks from the bottom up I saw Wil’s comments about you before I discovered that you had already seen them. There are days when you and Wil and Neil (Gaiman) make my day…along with Questionable Content and Something Positive are the brightest spots in my whole day.



  6. Ever notice that QC and SP both got their names backwards? QC is rarely questionable and SP is rarely positive.

  7. “I’ve wanted to reverse your field generator for a long time,” said Wil, gently caressing John’s bald gleaming pate.

    “And I’ve wanted to give you some stripes of your own, Wil,” said John, revealing a Klingon Batleth purchased under an assumed name at ChronicComics in downtown Dayton.

    They retired to the parlor where –

    Oh, my god! It’s too horrific for even I to continue. Hurl. Ack. Groan. Lurch. Retch.

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