Exercising Your Franchise, Geek Style

A reminder to members of LA Con IV (that’s last year’s Worldcon) and Nippon2007 (that’s this year’s): You have but a week to get in your nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards, so if you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you get on it, because your nominations have to be received, not mailed, on 3/3/07. Fortunately you can do your nominating online. I realize I’ve been flogging voting for the Hugos a bit this year, but I would remind folks that I expect that the Japanese fans, giddy with the thought of getting their own home-grown writers and fans on the ballot, will almost certainly be nominating in large numbers, so those of us in the rest of the world ought not be sanguine about the idea that our favorite non-Japanese works and folk of 2006 will get on the ballot. This is the last time I’ll pester all y’all about it. Just vote, already.

Those of you who are not members of this year’s or last year’s Worldcons yet wish to register your approval of works published in 2006, despair not: For you, there’s the Locus Awards ballot, which is still open and eager for the votes of anyone who cares to cast one. The online ballot comes with voting suggestions taken from Locus’ 2006 Recommended Reading List, but if none of those is to your liking you can also add your own preferences by typing them in.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend your Sunday than engaging in a bit of Geek Democracy. Have fun nominating and voting for your favorites. I’m sure their authors will thank you.

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    Patty Cryan

    My Locus votes are cast.

    [My poor caffeine-starved brain almost wrote “Locust vote”. Unstoppable insectoid eating machines need love, too.]

  2. All that Locus list does is show me how behind the times I am. I’ve maybe read two of the novels on that list, and almost nothing else. No wonder I am having trouble thinking of things in the right time frame.

  3. On a completely side track: can you tell me where you got the Hugo artwork? (It’s a rendering of the Noreascon Three Hugo trophy, and I’d love to know who did it.)


  4. Many thanks — Mark Olson (the N3 chairman) was tickled pink that you’d used this. He’ll be even more tickled to know that you made it. (Spring Break means revisiting my bookmarks.)

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