Daily Archives: March 1, 2007

The Winner of the “Come Up With a Contest to Give Away a Copy of ‘Coffee Shop'” Contest!

The winner is Jacob, who came up with this idea: It’s 2009, write a review of Scalzi’s new novel (bonus for including a throwaway line incorporating the world of tomorrow) Excellent. However, I’m going to amend it in two ways: 1. The phrase “the world of tomorrow” will be optional; 2. Everyone should write a […]

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This Entry is All About Me (As if All the Others Aren’t)

Actually, it’s all about my books and stuff, which means it’s about my output, rather than me directly. But that’s close enough for government work. * My personal copies of the French version of Old Man’s War have arrived and I’m quite pleased — finally, a foreign-language version that I can sort of, kind of […]

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25 Copies of Coffee Shop Available; The Future of Coffee Shop

Update, 12:48pm: Sold out. Thanks! Thanks to a convoluted chain of events that may involve a missing UPS truck, a telling stick of Big Red brand chewing gum and Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States of America, Subterranean Press has discovered that it has 25 copies of You’re Not Fooling Anyone […]

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