Daily Archives: March 2, 2007

“The Last Colony” Tour Dates: First Draft

As you all know, I’m doing a book tour this spring in support of The Last Colony. We’re still in the process of packing in dates and appearances and so on and so forth, but here’s what we have confirmed so far: April 24: Seattle, WA April 25: Half Moon Bay, CA April 26: San […]

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TGB Prometheus Award Nominee, Maybe

I see from the most recent edition of Ansible that The Ghost Brigades has made the short list for the Prometheus Award, which is the best novel award given by the Libertarian Futurist Society. However, the “short list” Ansible lists is the same as the preliminary list I saw floating around last month, so I’m […]

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Reading Russian, Poorly

I surely do get a kick out of reading reviews of Old Man’s War in Russian, primarily because the Google and Babelfish translations of what the folks have written are delightfully inscrutable: “Serious miscalculations Scalzi not have been allowed. At the very least, in the chosen path,” reads one, which is generally positive (I think), […]

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Bye-Bye Winter

This is likely to be your last wintery photo from the Scalzi Compound for a while. I took this picture last night before a big rain storm melted most of the snow and washed it off to the nearby creek (causing a bit of flooding as it did so down by the road); now about […]

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