“The Last Colony” Tour Dates: First Draft

As you all know, I’m doing a book tour this spring in support of The Last Colony. We’re still in the process of packing in dates and appearances and so on and so forth, but here’s what we have confirmed so far:

April 24: Seattle, WA
April 25: Half Moon Bay, CA
April 26: San Francisco, CA
April 27: Berkeley, CA
April 28: Los Angeles, CA
May 1: San Diego, CA
May 2: Portland, OR
May 4: Milwaukee, WI
May 5: Minneapolis, MN

Actual locations and appearance times to come, along with the “official” name of the tour (since so many of you have said “hey, what ever happened with that tour naming thing?”). And as I noted above, we’re likely to cram in a couple more appearances into the tour. But generally, this is where I’ll be and when. Mark your calendars!


TGB Prometheus Award Nominee, Maybe

I see from the most recent edition of Ansible that The Ghost Brigades has made the short list for the Prometheus Award, which is the best novel award given by the Libertarian Futurist Society. However, the “short list” Ansible lists is the same as the preliminary list I saw floating around last month, so I’m not at all sure that TGB is on the final list of nominees. The LFS hasn’t contacted me about it, so I suspect this list may still be the preliminary list. Clearly, if anyone knows definitively, please let me know. Thanks.

In the meantime, here’s the nominee list as Ansible is reporting it:

Empire by Orson Scott Card

Harald by David D Friedman

Variable Star by Robert A Heinlein and Spider Robinson

Engaging the Enemy by Elizabeth Moon

The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

The Clan Corporate by Charles Stross

Red Lightning by John Varley

Rainbow’s End by Vernor Vinge

It’s an interesting selection, to say the least.


Reading Russian, Poorly

I surely do get a kick out of reading reviews of Old Man’s War in Russian, primarily because the Google and Babelfish translations of what the folks have written are delightfully inscrutable: “Serious miscalculations Scalzi not have been allowed. At the very least, in the chosen path,” reads one, which is generally positive (I think), as is this one, maybe: “Good fantastic gunman in the best tradition of this genre, swallowed the day, with some claim to filosoficnosti, but after reading the special thoughts left.” Hmmm, maybe that wasn’t so glowing. Here’s an amusing one: “Not recomendovap to read a book to people who are more than 64 years not to incite false dreams.” Incidentally, it also appears that another translation of the Russian title of the book is “Destined to Victory,” which I must admit, seems a lot less lugubrious than “Doomed to Victory.”

It’s nice to see the book being discussed in Russian because, frankly, I have no clue as to how well it’s selling there or how it’s been received; Eksmo, my Russian publisher, hasn’t provided me with any of that information (and it’s early yet in any event). The fact people seem to be chattering about it, and generally seem to think it’s good book, is heartening. Now if only translation software were better, so I had a better idea what people were really saying. I suppose I could try to learn Russian.


Bye-Bye Winter

This is likely to be your last wintery photo from the Scalzi Compound for a while. I took this picture last night before a big rain storm melted most of the snow and washed it off to the nearby creek (causing a bit of flooding as it did so down by the road); now about 95% of the snow is gone and the rest isn’t likely to last the day. There’s a chance of a couple of snow showers tomorrow but all next week the forecast is for mid 40s. Bye-bye, winter, nice knowing you.

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