Daily Archives: March 5, 2007

Cherie Priest, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Me

First off, a big fat w00t! to Cherie Priest, whose limited edition novel Dreadful Skin makes it out in the big ol’ world today. Because I’m special, I got an early look at it, and I thought it was just fabulous; it had just about everything that makes Cherie one of my favorite contemporary smart […]

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Calling Out to My Australian Peeps

In Australia, in Adelaide, there’s a successful concern called Scalzi Produce (who I imagine are pretty ticked at me taking the Scalzi.com domain; they have to make do with scalzi.com.au), who are sponsors of Adelaide United, the football/soccer team from the area. Apparently Scalzi Produce is going to be the front of shirt sponsor for […]

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