Calling Out to My Australian Peeps


In Australia, in Adelaide, there’s a successful concern called Scalzi Produce (who I imagine are pretty ticked at me taking the domain; they have to make do with, who are sponsors of Adelaide United, the football/soccer team from the area. Apparently Scalzi Produce is going to be the front of shirt sponsor for the team in an upcoming series of home stands, and I’ve decided I pretty much need to have the jersey for my own, or I may die. I’ve dropped a note to the team via their Web site, but I don’t realistically expect to hear back from them that way.

So, my Australian friends: How would I go about doing this? The team has its own online store, of course, but the jerseys they sell there don’t have the Scalzi Produce logo on it, and that’s what I really want. Is there a way to secure this particular jersey? Any Adelaide-based Whatever readers out there? Or other antipodeans with ideas? As I said, without this particular jersey I may wither away into nothingness, and we wouldn’t want that.

Update: 6:08 pm — Hey! Just got a very nice note from Aldo at Scalzi Produce over on my bio page, thanks to the efforts of Brian Forte. Likewise, Timelady did me a favor and touched base with Adelaide United. Australians rock. And yes, Justine, I knew that already. It’s just nice to have it confirmed from time to time.

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  1. Nurse! Self promotion shirt, stat!

    Hope you get one, John. I mean, I wouldn’t want Athena to have to go to career day and start off by saying, “The mumified form of my father, here, used to be a writer until…”

  2. I’d also recommend sending email to Scalzi Produce. I really doubt that they’re bothered by the fact that you own the domain, and my guess is they’ll be tickled to hear from what is after all a collateral branch of the family.

    In your email, you might offer to telephone to discuss it — if your telephone rates are anything like mine, Australia will be less than 25c a minute.

    If you need an Australian address to deliver the shirt to, I can impose on my brother in Sydney. (I’m an Australian living in Boston.)

  3. Man, that is hot! I wish there was a “mylastname”.com selling shirts… wait, maybe there IS… I’d better get to googling!

  4. John,

    Maybe you can sweeten the deal by offering to put “If you’re looking for Scalzi Produce, click here!”
    at the bottom of

    I’d save a lot of time looking for gcc if the Grace Community Church ( had a pointer to…

    Mike G.

  5. I’ve ordered English soccer team shirts from the team website and also from third-party vendors in England. Worked just fine, though it was kind of expensive. The other thing to watch for is that you may get a notice to pay customs duties from DHL or whoever. And that notice may show up weeks after the shirt. Came to $20 more on my $90 shirt — ouch.

  6. Another thought. I’ve had trouble getting the Champions League shirts for my English team. The shirt sponsors are the same, but the patches, numbers, and lettering are different. I could get the Champions League patch but not the specific lettering or numbering to match — and that was at the club store. Of course that says nothing about what may happen for an Australian rugby side in the ACL…

  7. This site gives a snailmail address, contact name, and a different e-mail address. You could try them that way. I’d also recommend calling–it’ll only take a minute or two, and, hey, you’d get the jersey out of it.

  8. Yes, I’m aware of that whole “Australia is on the other side of the world” thing.

  9. You could always go down and beg for it in person. Not exactly the cheapest way, but since it’s a matter of life or death…

  10. I’ll be in Australia in April and am happy to help. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Adelaide, but you know, if there’s going to be an established train of helper monkeys, count me in.

  11. My oldest and dearest friends have just emigrated to Adelaide. :(
    So, if no Oz residents volunteer, I can see if they’re willing to purchase and send on. (I’m planning on visiting for Xmas ’08 but I suspect you don’t want to wait that long!)

  12. Maybe they would be more inclined to give/sell one to you if you ask for a bunch (more profit = good). All of your Whatever followers could order one too :) I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing an Australian jersey, if for no other reason than it will confuse people around here.

  13. See if there’s an Adelaide United supporters club with a website and a message board. In my experience, soccer fans are generally very happy to help people from elsewhere get their hands on the local team’s gear.

  14. Makes me wonder…
    Is success in the name?
    Is there some hidden formula in the “Scalzi”?
    I shall keep a close eye on this team. If they are successful, perhaps we shall introduce a new English word. We can say things like,’Ya my last project was very Scalzi.’ or ‘I feel a Scalzi day coming on!’

  15. done. its 7.30 am here, i will call them in a couple of hours, when i have the herd off to school (five kids is indeed a herd to organise…..)

  16. While we’re all glad to see that you seem to have your wardrobe problem (on its way) to resolved, weren’t we promised a contest today?

    My invective runneth over.

  17. Yes, the contest is coming, Nathan. I’ve been busy actually writing pay copy today, however, and I’m not quite done with it yet, so it’ll be a little longer, I’m afraid.

  18. The away shirts have the Scalzi produce logo on the side, and they’re available. Unfortunately, the online store says the home shirts, as pictured in the photo won’t be in store for a couple of weeks.

    I’m in Melbourne but I can ring some stores to see if they have the Adelaide home shirts, if you like.

  19. Thanks, Jisto. At the moment someone in Adelaide is checking on that for me, but I appreciate the offer.

  20. Ok, spoke to a very nice man at the club. There are restrictions on the actual club shorts and sponsorship that is controlled by the Australian Soccer Board(or Management, something like that), but he is going to pursue it, and see if he can’t arrange something as a one off (you may have to do copious corporate thanks on the bog if this flls into place; ). I should hear back today, or tomorrow at the latest. The Away shirts will not be available in stores, or at lest, not those with Scalzi on them.

  21. Not shorts, SHIRTS!!! Oh, I will pursue it with Scalzi Produce – we may be able to get something through them if club can’t….

  22. Timelady:

    “Oh, I will pursue it with Scalzi Produce – we may be able to get something through them if club can’t….”

    Actually someone else has taken it upon themselves to ring up Scalzi produce, so no worries there. I don’t want them to feel like they’re being pestered.

    Thanks so much for checking in with Adelaide United. If they can manage something I would of course be delighted to declare my eternal allegiance to the team for all things A-League related. Whether that means much of anything being that I’m here in Ohio is another matter entirely, of course, but the offer is sincere.

    Likewise, I’ll be happy to declare my allegiance to Scalzi Produce as well. Please, all you Adelaidians (?), sample their fine fresh wares as often as possible. I wonder if they stock mangosteens. I keep hearing those are good.

  23. Oh poop. I’m also in Adelaide (you have more than ONE Adelaidian fan!!) but the others have already chimed in. Drats. I went passed a Scalzi Produce sign the other day too.

    On another note, the local Borders has stock of The Android’s Dream in the hardcover, for $AUD50. No sign of your other books though :

  24. Excellent. Nice to see the books are showing up there. And that I have more than one Adelaidian fan!

  25. Nice to see you’re getting your shirt. My stepmum lives in Adelaide so I would’ve imposed on her to do this for me/you (she’s nice that way) but you’re already well on your way. Rock on.

  26. Maybe they can be a shirt sponsor for your Australian book tour. Not front-of-shirt, of course; that would be reserved for “Scalzipalooza Down Under” or whatever.

    Well, not for Whatever, it wouldn’t fit.

  27. I’m also in Adelaide, but I’m your mortal enemy (one of them, anyway). Hey, balance is important!

  28. I’ve been to Adelaide (7 yrs ago), but I was oblivious of their soccer teams at the time. I’m glad you found a way to get the shirt.

  29. You know, John, Jeremiah might be onto something. If you have 25,000 readers you probably could flack at least a thousand or so. Think of it – you show up on the book tour and there are murmuring clumps of men, women, boys, girls, sheep with strangely vacant eyes and stilted gait and all wearing Scalzi Produce Adelaide United shirts. News vans rush to the scene as reports of a cult gathering come in. Your agent would be in heaven – free publicity for you and for the veggie stand in Oz.

    I am already a member of a cult but I would be willing to don a shirt.

    Old Jarhead