The Scalzi Creative Sampler

This is another one of my “put it up there to establish a permanent link to it” things. In this case, this entry is an index of the creative work I have online that people can access for free.

Here’s what’s on offer; this entry will be updated from time to time, when more of my stuff goes up.

* Agent to the Stars — a complete novel, published in limited edition hardcover by Subterranean Press in 2005, and in an upcoming edition from Tor (likely in 2008).

* The first chapter of The Android’s Dream, published by Tor in October of 2006.

* “The Sagan Diary,” audio version — an audio version of my 2007 novelette, set in the universe of the “Old Man” books (and occurring sequentially between the books The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony. Read by Mary Robinette Kowal, Elizabeth Bear, Karen Meisner, Ellen Kushner, Helen Smith and Cherie Priest.

* Subterranean Magazine, Issue #4 (pdf link) — An issue of Subterranean Magazine guest-edited by me. Featuring stories by Allen Steele, Jo Walton, Nick Sagan, Elizabeth Bear and many others.

* “Alien Animal Encounters” — a short story published in Strange Horizons magazine, in October, 2001

* “Missives from Possible Futures #1: Alternate History Search Results” — A short story published by Subterranean Magazine Online, February, 2007

* “Pluto Tells All” — A short story published by Subterranean Magazine Online, May, 2007

* Music For Headphones — My album of electronica

Saturn Speaks” — A single electronica track, based on recorded sounds from the planet Saturn.


All you Philosophy Majors Will Have to Find Something Else to Argue About Now

Athena: Let’s play “Questions.”

Me: What’s that?

Athena: It’s a game where you ask me questions. Duh.

Me: All right. What is the meaning of life?

Athena: The meaning of life is to live life.

Me: Huh. Well, I guess that’s as good an answer as any.

Athena: Yes. What, did you expect me not to get that one? (rolls eyes)


The Libby Pardon Pool

Personally, I call 11:50 pm, January 19, 2009. Anyone want to get in on this action?

(Context, for those of you who need it)

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