Wednesday Author Interview: Jon Armstrong

Over at By The Way I’ve got an interview with author Jon Armstrong about his jazzy, trippy novel Grey, in which we discuss Jazz, Japan, Jeremy Lassen and other things that begin with “J” — and many other things, too. If you don’t go read it, the angels will weep. They will. They said so.

To a couple of authors I owe interview questions to: Haven’t forgotten you, I’m just having an unbelievably busy week. The questions are coming, honest.


New Tour Dates

Three Four Five more dates to add to the book tour. The full schedule so far, with new dates in bold:

4/24: Seattle, WA
4/25: Half Moon Bay, CA
4/26: San Francisco, CA
4/27: Berkeley, CA
4/28: Los Angeles, CA
April 30: Phoenix, AZ
5/1: San Diego, CA
5/2: Portland, OR
May 3: Iowa City, IA
5/4: Milwaukee, WI
5/5: Minneapolis, MN
May 6: Detroit, MI (actually Novi, MI)
May 8: Washington, DC
May 9: Richmond, VA

There’s still a possibility of an additional date or two getting jammed into the schedule; I should know soon, I think we’re pretty much done, and I’ll add actual appearance times and locations in a later post. Also, for you Ohioans, we’re looking to have an appearance in Columbus later in May. More details when it gets locked down.

Update, 5:11 pm — Another appearance confirmed: Iowa City.

Update, 5:57 — Another appearance confirmed: Phoenix.


Four Words I’m Not Entirely Sure Ought to Be Used in Combination, Ever

They are: Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

You’ll have to imagine my “WTF?” face going on here. I can see a need for vaginal plastic surgery, laser-based or otherwise, in the cases of injury, whether during childbirth or in some other way. But getting surgery done to restore a “youthful aesthetic look”? Madness. Maybe I haven’t been a critical enough observer of the body part in question, but I’m flummoxed to come up a set of parameters that would equate with a “youthful aesthetic look” in that area. I suppose if my partner has such a surgery and asked “so, do I look younger?” I would say “yes,” because she spent all that money and I wouldn’t want her to feel bad. But saying it and seeing it are two different things.

Aside from the “youthful aesthetic” thing apparently some women are having the surgery to look more like a virgin. That’s a whole sort of social pathology I don’t even want to get into at the moment.

Personally I would suspect that Kegel exercises are likely to take care of much of any “problem” with youthful demeanor down there, and the rest is women being preyed upon by folks who want a really nice boat in a primo marina. I’m willing to admit ignorance on this topic, but this is my suspicion. Moreover, when the plastic surgeons start advertising laser penile rejuvenation surgery, as they inevitably will, my position on that will be much the same, except that I’m likely to state it while being crouched over and typing the words with my chin because my hands are busy reflexively protecting something else.

Honestly, folks. Just, no. Okay?

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