Possibly The Best Thing on the Internet Ever


Zimmerman Does Giesel. Go. Now.

Nicked off Neil Gaiman, who is a 1965 Newport Folk Festival all by himself.

14 Comments on “Possibly The Best Thing on the Internet Ever”

  1. Ya know, I saw this on Gaiman’s blog earlier today and thought wow! does anyone else know about this?

    My second thought was, “Scalzi will pick it up”, “no worries”.

    It is the best thing EVAH!

  2. No bullshit, I thought it was Dylan for a minute. Who knows? He might have been on ‘shrooms with a Seuss books nearby.

  3. This just made getting up with a hangover worth it, thanks.

    THe music is so dead on perfect for the times, if the vocalist had laid back on the parody singing, it would sound authentic.

  4. TCO, I feel very sad for you that everything in your life apparently has to be about whether it’s liberal or not. Also, I feel sad for us, because it gets boring to read after a while.

  5. Without sounding melancholic, it seems that Dylan has been around for a very long time. There was even a news article that the current Pope recommended that he should not play for the late Pope John Paul II as his music is controversial.

    On a related matter, the following is interesting for us considered “baby boomers” and our reading habits.


    Maybe John should consider having some of his books in large-print to cater to this audience.

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