Daily Archives: March 12, 2007

Oh, Okay, One More Thing

Bill Peschel’s Scalzi on Writing, Digested, in which he boils down my writing book to 500 very amusingly snarky words: To be a writer, be just like me. I’m goddamn brilliant. I work hard, have lots of contacts in the industry, and I never, ever rewrite. I work it all out in my head, with […]

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Foods That Make Your Children Cry: A Participatory Thread

Busy day today, so I’m off to do things and stuff. To keep you amused and occupied and possibly disturbed while I am away, I offer this participatory thread: Foods that make your children cry. No, not like Brussels sprouts. We’re talking foods that they will need therapy to get over. Like this: “From the […]

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The Android’s Dream: Chapter One

Happy March 12! As you all undoubtedly know, March 12 is the day that Coca-Cola was first sold in bottles, which means, for a Coca-Cola fiend such as myself, it’s pretty much a national holiday. As you all are no doubt also aware, it is customary on Coca-Cola Bottling Day for science fiction authors to […]

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