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A Quick Note About Ficlets; Comics Alliance

I’m looking around the Web and seeing a lot of discussion about Ficlets, which makes me really happy — looks like we’re off to a good start. However, I see myself being credited as the one masterminding the project, which isn’t actually true. I’ve been involved in shaping the site and getting it ready for […]

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My CyberPower PC

Today I got two different requests wanting to know what I thought the CyberPower PC I bought a few months ago; apparently it’s Buy a Tricked Out PC season, and here I am without any seasonal greeting cards. In short, I’m pretty happy with the PC. With one exception, it has not suffered any notable […]

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Writers, Editors, Publishers: Promotional Opportunities on the Ficlets Site

Dear writers, editors and publishers: The Ficlets site is about writing, creativity and literature — and so we want it to be a place where published writers can be part of the site, and benefit through the promotional opportunities the site can afford. To make that happen, I’m instituting a number of ways to help […]

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Announcing Ficlets

So, in addition to the books and magazine articles and blogging and corporate writing and fighting crime I do, I have another project I want to tell you about, because it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and it’s something you can play with too. It’s called Ficlets, and it made its debut over […]

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Why Don’t You Love Me (Vocal Mix)

Whatever reader Kate Baker listened to some of my electronic music the other day and asked if she could borrow one of the tracks to put vocals on; I said “sure, whatever” and then went back to whatever damn fool thing I was doing at the time. A couple days later she came back with […]

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