A Quick Note About Ficlets; Comics Alliance

I’m looking around the Web and seeing a lot of discussion about Ficlets, which makes me really happy — looks like we’re off to a good start. However, I see myself being credited as the one masterminding the project, which isn’t actually true. I’ve been involved in shaping the site and getting it ready for mass consumption, yes, but I was not the only one involved and certainly not the mastermind — indeed, I came in fairly late in the game, once the groundwork had been laid. My role was in offering suggestions on how to improve the offering and in helping with initial content (and helping to drive the site from this point). I’d like to make sure that credit for Ficlets is also heaped upon AOL’s Kevin Lawver and John Anderson, who were the two who did all the heavy lifting on the site, along with their technical and production crew, and then brought me in to fiddle with the site’s feng shui.

John Anderson, incidentally, is part of the team also responsible for Comics Alliance, a new AOL site about — can you guess? — comic books and graphic novels. I’ve known John for a long time now, and to call him a comics geek is like calling a Daisy Cutter a nifty little firecracker, so if you’re a comics geek, you’ll want to swing by and check out CA sometime soon.

5 Comments on “A Quick Note About Ficlets; Comics Alliance”

  1. I blame you, Scalzi. I’m supposed to be working. Instead I can’t leave Ficlets for more than five minutes. This can only end in tears.

  2. Any thoughts on adding ICQ ids to login to ficlets. You can use them in AIM; but not with the ficlet site.

    I posted this here because I did not have a login for the Ficlet blog.

  3. I don’t seem to be able to log in in order to tell the Figlets bug fixing team that I don’t seem to be able to log in.

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