Uxorial Pictures, 3/13/07

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  1. I’m not very smart and had to look up what “uxorial” means.

    Turns out it means “picture which is not of Ghlaghghee”.

    Or something like that.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – Just kidding, Krissy is hot and all that and those are yet more great pictures. How did you learn to take such excellent photos?

  2. Very pretty, John, but can she fight?

    Sorry, old movies line just keep jumping in my head these days.

  3. Darn you for making me look up uxorial. At least in my defense, firefox’s spellcheck thinks it’s misspelled. :)

    Nice shots, and if that’s recent, your snow really is all gone…

  4. You know, I just finished reading The Sagan Diary last night, and coupled with this posting, did you use your wife for the mental and picture image in your book?

    The Jane Sagan in the book has the same sculpted face, chin, cheekbones, nose and lips.

    If that’s not a way to immortalize your wife, I don’t know what is!

  5. Yes, Krissy is the model for Jane in the illustrations for TSD. Jane doesn’t look exactly like her, but they could be cousins.

  6. Shouldn’t this be titled:

    Servicing the “Shut Up and Post More Pictures of Your Wife” Crowd

  7. It almost was, Captain Button. But I don’t know how my wife would feel about following the cat.

  8. Hmm, yeah, that might be a little hard to explain.

    “But, but, Honey, you were at work and the cat was here and available.”

    “Don’t you have other pictures of me you could have used?”

    (at this point, John’s lucite number necklace begins to flash and beep as he coordinates with Norman to come up with the right answer)

  9. Very nice. It’s good to have a willing and attractive model. I especially like the 1st two photos. Filter’s a wee bit heavy on the last one. Kind of obscures the lady’s fine features.

  10. chang, not only did I need to look up uxorial, I had to look it up the last time Scalzi used the word. Why didn’t I remember what uxorial meant? Will I need to look uxorial up the next time John uses the word? Who knows…

  11. Damn you, Scalzi! I never have to look up words. I am the pedant’s pedant. My secretaries have been reduced to tears trying to spell the words I use. One swore that I intentionally drove her to the dictionary at least twice a day. Now I have been humbled by having to drop to my knees and propitiate the Great God Google to find out what “uxorial” meant.

    Revenge will be mine.

    Old Jarhead

  12. Setting: An appearance on the upcoming book tour.

    Scene: Scalzi behind a table on which are artfully piled stacks of hardcovers of TLC and its predecessors. He dressed in Author Casual and wearing a supremely confident and slightly sardonic smile as fans beseech him for trenchant observations, pithy comments, and advice on how to make as much money as he does.

    Enter stage right: eclectically dressed man (ecd)of indeterminate age, slightly wild eyed, somewhat out of breath and with a confrontational mien. his shirt displays a too-long quotation of some sort referencing bad blood between Etymologists and Philologists. He speaks:

    ecd: “Putting on a few pounds aren’t you Scalzi? Still have that problem with abligurition, eh?

    JS: “Whaaa?

    ecd: “Posting pictures of Krissy so we will know you are too cool to marry a bufarilla or a callet”

    JS: “WTF?”

    Security Guard enters Stage Left:

    JS: “Guard – please escort this man out. He obviously is suffering from some sort of linguistic Tourette’s.”

    ecd: “You can’t get rid of me, Scalzi! i’ll be back – me and my lalochezia! Cause me to refer to the dictionary will you. Revenge will be miiiiiiiiinnnneee! (Guard administers rabbit punch.)

  13. False chang? Say what? I am not chang, I’ll have you know.

    You can tell my posts from the other chang by my Ghlaghghee obsession (which he lacks, to his discredit).

    Ghlaghghee rocks!

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