Why Don’t You Love Me (Vocal Mix)

Whatever reader Kate Baker listened to some of my electronic music the other day and asked if she could borrow one of the tracks to put vocals on; I said “sure, whatever” and then went back to whatever damn fool thing I was doing at the time. A couple days later she came back with said vocals on the track, and I was, well, pleased with the results. Perhaps you will be too. Enjoy.

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  1. Very nice.
    It is amazing the depth vocals will add to a song. Maybe she would like to add some vocals for some of my songs as well? I have 2 songs that are in dire need of it. And if there is one thing I am not, its a singer. And she very much is.

  2. Wow, that’s quite good.

    You two should get together and market this as an electronica single to the appropriate markets. It’s better than most of what gets sold there. I like the subtlety.

    I sense lots of potential for dance or trance remixes.

  3. It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it…

    (I may be showing my age, but I’ve always wanted a chance to say that…)

  4. I am not usually much of a fan of electronica music, but that was fabulicious. I liked it enough to download it. Nicely done Kate. Oh, and John.

  5. Oh, that’s pretty. Very nice. Very sweet vocals, very little treatment, which I am big into these days.

    John, is all the music keyboard based or did you play some guitar into it?

  6. An incredible piece from John and some very sexy vocals from Kate. That is quite awesome. Is it hot in here?

  7. I was the FIRST fan. :)

    She does an excellent job in this song, but she does a truly moving work in a Silent Night/Night of Silence mixed with Sarah Mclachlan. I would encourage you to visit her site and check it out: http://www.anaedream.com

  8. It’s funny – I’ve stared at my screen for hours this morning, only interrupting myself to back away from the computer to jump up and down.

    Ray – Absolutely. My email address is on the website John forwarded.

    Chang – I’ve been trying to find a way to compliment the set you’ve done, but you have no accessible email address.

    Everyone else – Thank you so much for giving the thumbs up. It’s pretty amazing what you can do on a computer these days. I can only imagine what I’d sound like in a studio.

    John – Continue to be awesome.

  9. Kate has a very nice voice and a keen ear for melody. I am very impressed. Nice job on the music too, John.

    I’ve been recording music long enough to have recorded 45’s, Lp’s, cassettes, and CD’s. I somehow skipped 8 tracks. I love how this new looping software gives more people access to making and recording music.

    John were you using Garageband, or Acid?. I’ve been using Acid for most of my soundtrack work. I make my own loops, using a Roland GR-30 guitar synth and for me, being an old dinosaur I’m just amazed at all I can do with 1’s and 0’s. The ability to mix live and electronic tracks, the fact I can make a Stratocaster sound exactly like a double bass or an incoming 122–not to mention all the different loops out there specifically designed for film scoring. For somebody who can only read a lead sheet with difficulty, I can sometimes do a fair impression of a full orchestra.

    Anyway, terrific work Kate. If you’re not out there writing songs for a living, you should consider doing so.

    Always something of interest appearing on Whatever.

  10. Kate:
    Chang – I’ve been trying to find a way to compliment the set you’ve done, but you have no accessible email address.

    kate, send an email to see arr tee at mak dot com. That should be accessible.

  11. “wdylmv.mp3” ? yuck. I saved it as:
    John Scalzi – Why don’t you love me (Vocal Mix feat Kate Baker).mp3

    Could also be:
    John Scalzi feat Kate Baker – Why don’t you love me (Vocal Mix).mp3

    John Scalzi and Kate Baker – Why don’t you love me (Vocal Mix).mp3

    Anyone have a better suggestion?

    I prefer the first one since I generally like my songs as <band or primary artist> – <album> – <zero-padded song number> – <title> (<mix type> <soloist>)

    ps. the Typekey link doesn’t work for me. I’m given the error “The site you’re trying to comment on has not signed up for this feature. Please inform the site owner.” when I login.

  12. Wow! That’s definitely worth some ‘Mad Propz’ to you both. I’m always amazed at what folks can do with PC gear these days. John – I must have missed where your other musical goodies are – I’ll have to look around the site more closely.
    Kate – lovely lovely voice. The vocals on that track make me drool for more. It’s the kind of thing I can sit and easily listen to for hours on end while painting. Thanks to you both for sharing that.

    I’ll have to look into Acid Pro – while I have no particular skill, my son does some damn nifty things with an old copy of ‘Fruity Loops’. Both my son & daughter are classically trained violinists, and my son is part of an aspiring rock band to boot. (Needless to say I get plenty of live music. Life is good.)

    Thanks again to you & Kate both!

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