Three Quick Pimps, Plus a “Pimpin’ Other People” Thread

Three things for you to leave this site for:

1. That was quick: Mere hours after announcing the “Guest Ficlet” program (whose official title, incidentally, is Ficlet Spotlight), we have our first guest ficleteer: Campbell Award-winning author Kristine Smith, who thought up three cool ficlets for folks to fiddle with. Naturally, I invite you to see these ficlets, and to check out Smith’s other work, too.

2. Jeff VanderMeer passed along a note letting me know that his and Cat Rambo’s collaboration, “The Surgeon’s Tale,” is being serialized this week at Subterranean Online; parts one and two are up and part three is coming on Friday. And now I’m telling you. You may, should you be inclined, tell others, and thus will the network of knowledge about the work of VanderMeer and Rambo be increased throughout the land. Which can only be consider a positive for us all — and indeed, may save us all. Plus: nifty story.

3. Shimmer magazine has a nifty video trailer up for its latest issue, with excerpts from stories narrated by the fabulous Mary Robinette Kowal, and music from some schmoe. I was going to post a link to the trailer, but then a remembered: Duh, it’s on YouTube, I can just embed it:

If the trailer intrigues you, check out Shimmer’s page on the issue.

That’s my pimping for today. Want to pimp something from someone else? Use the comment thread below. Note this is pimpin’ other people’s stuff — not a self-pimp thread. Spread the love, people. Also remember that if you drop in a link, your comment might be sent to the moderation queue. Don’t panic; I’ll release it.

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