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I’ve transferred my author interview series from the By The Way site to the Ficlets Blog, because, hey, it’s a better fit, now, isn’t it? This week, the author interview is with Elizabeth Moon, who in addition to being super nice (I met her at the ConFusion convention this January, where she was the guest of honor), is also a fabulous writer, and has won herself a Nebula award and other fun stuff. Command Decision, her latest novel, came out the other week, and she’s talking about it, her Nebula winner The Speed of the Dark and lots of other subjects. If you don’t go to read this, you will wake up in the dead of night with an implacable feeling of bereavement. It’s true. They’ve done studies.

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  1. Heh, I didn’t even know Marines could read – let alone write…unless they learn it after they get out?

    Excellent interview, Elizabeth Moon rocks.

  2. Jim, yeah, I’m right behind you, holding the bar down. You take the first advance, I’ll stay fresh in case they overwhelm you. :)

    BTW, saw Balto this weekend at the Cleveland Museum, and thought of you.

  3. Speed of Dark was a wonderful book. Made me realize how many bright people demonstrate broderline autistic traits. OTOH, Vattas don’t work for me, which is too bad because I love so much of Moon’s other stuff.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth’s and I’m pretty sure I’ve read her entire catalog. I love the characters (and situations) in the Vatta’s War universe.

    At the risk of sounding like a poo-flinging screetchy monkey, I still like the stories (including the latest), but they’re starting to feel a little too much like short serials, where the story doesn’t get advanced as far as I’d like.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s all about ME, and who gives a rat’s ass. I just suppose that after reading The Deed of Paksenarrion, I’m expecting something a little more epic.

    Shoot me. I’m an ass.

  5. Elizabeth Moon, cool person and neat writer. She was fabulous at Confusion this past year. The panel when she was discussing autism and perception, excellent material.

  6. Nice interview, but once in this post, and twice in the interview the name of the book “The Speed of Dark” is given as “The Speed of the Dark”. (You don’t need to post this comment if you fix the problem…)

  7. Elizabeth Moon is great writer (probably a great person too!), and I’ve recommended The Speed of Dark to people I know with autistic people in their lives.

    Steve – All the mushers I know would sacrifice just about anything for their dogs. When one of them is sick, injured, or dies they are devastated.

  8. Thanks for the interview with an excellent writer.
    I have ben reading Elizabeth Moon’s works for over 15 years, and she never disppoints me or bores me but always makes me feel like I got my money’s worth. While I hate almost all fantasy writing as a poor rehashing of Tolkien, I read the entire Deed of Paksennarrion and found it one of the few fantasy works worth recommending to others.
    Speed of Dark was so unlike her previous works, but I found it to be absolutely enthralling, and I am glad to see she won recognoition for this great book.

    Keep up the interviews, I enjoy reading brief but revealing pieces like this.

  9. Oisin, I’m sure one additional title for that book with a different number of definite articles won’t cause any harm. After all, it already has one variation on that theme (_The Speed of Dark_ versus _Speed of Dark_ in different editions).

    I eagerly await the next edition, doubtless to be called _The Darkspeed_ or perhaps _Speed the Dark_.

  10. She reminds me with the chocolate horse stream litany of that Tom Petty song with Elvis and boyfriend and horses.

  11. I LOVE Elizabeth Moon! I’m totally jealous of you! I’m about to read your book, The Ghost Brigades. It better be good. :)

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