My Huge Super Expensive Book Video Promo Thing!

You wouldn’t believe how much this cost to put together. Craft services alone were phenomenal. And then we had to change cinematographers midway through the shoot. But, clearly, it’s worth every penny.

Direct link here. And remember you can check out the first chapter of “Android” here.

38 Comments on “My Huge Super Expensive Book Video Promo Thing!”

  1. I have to thank you. My 2 year old daughter is now pointing to my copy of TAD going, “Wrawwwwwwhhhhhhhh…..”

    (again mommy, again)

    You might get a video response to this one. :P

  2. LOL! I’m particularly fond of the magnets. They give it exactly that je ne sais quoi…

  3. I saw this post via Google’s “Google Reader” thing. Right after seeing the video, when I clicked on “next” Google informed me I was at the end of the Internet.

    Somehow, it seemed more fitting than usual…

  4. I think the next version of the book trailer should be just like the first one, except both books should wear ascots like the VO actor in the “Comedian” trailer. Because nothing says serious like an ascot.

  5. Shawn Powers:

    ‘I saw this post via Google’s “Google Reader” thing. Right after seeing the video, when I clicked on “next” Google informed me I was at the end of the Internet.’

    Well, see. This was what the Internet was waiting for. Now it’s served its purpose. Now it can end.

  6. That was beautiful, man. I especially liked how supportive Old Man’s War was trying to be, albeit in a pushy, older brother kind of way.

    Also, the wraaaaahhh reminded me of the opening fart joke. Nicely done.

  7. Don LaFontaine called: he wants $15 for the use of the phrase “in a world” at the start of a sentence.

    And he’ll settle for $5 if you promise never to try to do an impersonation of him again.

  8. Obviously you’ve studied “broadcast voice” with the experts. I wonder, if you add a model in a tank top, whether you can land a Superbowl spot for this? ;)

  9. I have done production budgets and that one must have gone through the ROOF in special effects alone. I mean CGIing that homey background in . . . you really know how to spend it, don’t you?

  10. Man, only the fact that what you’ve said is absolutely true keeps me from kicking your ass.

  11. *Laughs*

    I just stole the video to put it on my site, and I noticed that the first three letters of the Youtube video ID are – ‘wtf’.

    How fitting.

  12. Little time on our hands today, John?

    Slackerdom has a new poster child. The really funny part is that its better than 99% of the videos on youtube.

  13. Hey, it took less time to do the video than actually write an entry, I’ll have you know.

  14. “Craft services alone were phenomenal.”

    You’ve posted about some of your dietary predelictions, so we don’t believe that for a minute. $3.98, tops.

  15. Sorry Steve, if it was “Kraft” Service, John would have a product placement deal…all the spray cheese he could eat plus a small cash stipend.

  16. Ok, while *I* thought my rebuttal video was rather funny — I didn’t realize just how odd it would be to someone not familiar with this website.

    I actually had people call me at work this morning, concerned about my well being. One of those people was my wife.

  17. After some serious explaining that I wasn’t more crazy than they already knew, the critics from home suggested I tape the bacon to the cat, and have the cat eat the doll.

    Bacon on a cat just seemed so unoriginal

  18. I say that we nominate all actors and directors and costume people to the Academy, so that everyone can get their rewards for such a marvelous.

    I laughed, I didn’t cry, and I must show this to others.

  19. This is why I love this blog….

    I feel positively normal compared to some around here!

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