Michael Capobianco’s SFWA Presidential Platform

Yesterday I announced I was a write-in candidate for SFWA president and presented my platform here; the fellow who is actually on the ballot, Michael Capobianco, dropped his platform into the comment thread for folks to see as well. I thought it might get lost there so I’ve bumped it up to its own entry. You’ll find it behind the cut. If you’re planning to vote in the SFWA election, please read both so you know what you’re getting.

If you have comments or questions about the platform, feel free to leave them in the comment thread; I’m sure Mr. Capobianco will be happy to answer them. Remember that in his time here he is my guest and I would be, well, disappointed if you took his participation here as an invitation to snark.


The Mockery! It’s Begun!

Jon Hansen, bless his black little heart, makes an excellent campaign poster for me:

The mad elf CEO resurfaces! Best of all Amanda Dowum (who made the lovely tiara you see here) has said she’d make me an official SFWA president tiara. I do so love a good tiara.

For all of Jon Hansen’s excellent work, I feel that the picture does not quite capture the gravity of my candidacy, so allow me to post my own poster here:

(For those of you who are not complete Internet dorks, see here for the inside joke)

Naturally, I encourage you all to make funny-yet-humiliating SFWA President posters for me. Because it’s Friday, and it’s not like you’re actually working anyway.

Update: More posters await you behind the cut. I’ll keep posting them as they arrive.

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