Daily Archives: March 17, 2007

One of the Few Things I’m With the White House On

It’s that Washington, DC isn’t meant to have representation in Congress. Sorry, guys. I think if it was meant to, it would have been specified in the US Constitution, and what’s in the Constitution about DC (and the representation thereof) is too wobbly to be a good legal argument for that representation. Naturally, I allow […]

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Out in the Open (A SFWA-Related Post)

Patrick (not of the Nielsen Hayden persuasion) has this to say about the recent SFWA-related posts: Honestly, at this point, you boys need to take this inside. As fascinating as it is for me to watch and provide pointless distractions, this is now an internal issue. Two things: 1. This is my site and I […]

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Ask John Scalzi Questions About His SFWA Presidency Run

Have questions for me about my SFWA presidential run? This is the place to ask them. Click here to see my reasons for running and my platform. This is a thread for serious questions, so serious questions only, please. If you want to ask questions of Michael Capobianco, who is also running for SFWA president, […]

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