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Webb School of California Class of ’87 RULEZ!

I’d like to take a moment to note that my high school classmate Josh Marshall got prime “Column One” placement in the Los Angeles Times yesterday for himself and for his mighty political blog Talking Points Memo, which is currently in the process of totally pwning Alberto Gonzalez. This is why TPM is the 22nd […]

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SFWA Election Blog is Now Up

It’s here. It’s not actually a blog, it’s a newsgroup, because it was built fast and for this purpose. Anyone can read it — SFWAns, non-SFWAn spec fic writers who are interested in the process, SF/F fans and anyone else. However, to post questions and comments, you have to be a SFWA member. This makes […]

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TAD in the Winston-Salem Journal

I’ve just read what has got to be the nicest negative review I’ve ever gotten. While book ultimately isn’t the reviewer’s cup of tea, he also writes things like “John Scalzi is a writer of crystalline clarity and wit,” and “there is no ambiguity in Scalzi’s talent ” and so on and so forth. It’s […]

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The Expectation Management Entry (SFWA Related)

Here’s a graphic from Technorati of how often SFWA was discussed in blogs over the last week: Interesting. I’ve received a lot of support and enthusiasm from folks since announcing my SFWA bid (often couched in “Dude, what’s wrong with your head?” phrasing, but even so), and I wanted to take a moment to thank […]

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