As A Warning, There Will Be Absolutely No Context For The Following Statement

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hah! Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Life is funny sometimes.

24 Comments on “As A Warning, There Will Be Absolutely No Context For The Following Statement”

  1. This presumes a need for congratulations, which may not be the case. But I appreciate the thought.

  2. As a warning, there will be absolutely no context for the context of the following statement:

    Every once it a while, it feels good to realize the benefits of not living on a gas giant planet. Life, for instance.

  3. You can’t do that! Laughing maniacally without giving us context is just plain unfair. I’m sure you’ll come back with a childish rant that this is your site, and that’s all well and good, but I reserve the right to pout. :)

    I guess I can let my imagination run wild though.

    Your electric sheep lover called you in the middle of the night to tell you that just as you stopped trying to produce offspring, she found out she was pregnant and you’ll literally be the official father of the first AI hybrid quadruped?

    I don’t know what else could be so damn funny.

    I need to go back to bed.

  4. NO MAN! life is COMPLETELY serious! People live and die everyday. People deal with love, jealousy, greed, honor, fear, and truth every second of every day. People live in the streets and in places where there is no way out. Life is the “Anti-Funny”.
    Now if you will please excuse me I have to go play Second Life. ;)
    Right after I get done playing with my Barbie’s.

  5. It’s like one of those ‘supply the story for this punchline’ contests.

    Possible causes of Scalzi’s merriment:

    1. Scalzi has just written the world’s longest fart joke.

    2. Scalzi’s cat has just ambushed him with a roll of packing tape and a half-pound of Armour’s finest sliced bacon.

    3. Robert Eggleton has just announced that he, too, is a writein candidate for SFWA president.

  6. My guess is that it would have something to do with models of presidential behavior.

  7. Dean, I vote #2. He’ll only attempt #1 if some hack writes “The Electric Sheep’s Dream” with a two chapter opening fart joke.

  8. Let me guess, twins?

    Ok. Maybe I’m projecting. But the last time I laughed on the edge of sanity while chanting oh dear, oh dear, oh dear was when I found out I was having twins.

    So either that or the cat farted bacon bits.

  9. A context-less post deserves a non-sequitur comment: I’ll guess he just got home from a preview screening of The Last Mimzy. ‘Cause there’s no reaction to turning the classic story “Mimsy Were the Borogoves” by Lewis Padgett into what the TV commercial is calling a “delightful” example of “what family films should be,” better than “Oh dear. Life is funny sometimes.”

  10. Krissy was making a cake. The cat climbed onto the counter. The dog scared the cat. The cat tipped over the bowl of batter. The batter fell onto the dog’s head. The cat gave an evil hiss and scampered onto the top of the refrigerator (knocking over additional things).

    The dog looked embarrassed.

    That would have made me laugh.

  11. Nah, I’m looking at the time stamp for this post versus the sitting SFWA president’s post in Scalzi’s annoucement post and I’m confident that was it.

    Did anybody go to a Mimzy preview? I’m curious, I’ll give ’em that.

  12. If I wasn’t so damned concerned about Rome and watching the back episodes, I’d wonder what the hell you were on about.

    I’m sure we’ll know sooner or later.

  13. I did go to a mimzy preview and enjoyed it,thought I thought the ending a bit forced. I have never read any Lewis Padgett,and don’t really know very much about the story so YMMV>

  14. I now believe this laughter is from them agreeing to have the debate in public. I’m laughing.

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